circa 1968  - Source Broadgate Gnome and others

Line up: 'Ray Borkowski - rhythm guitar, Tony King - vocals, Terry Flanagan - lead guitar, Brian Froud - drums, Dave (Smiler) Cobb - bass guitar.

Ray told Broadgate Gnome : "In 1968 we played all over Coventry but had a virtual residency at the Navigation, Stoney Stanton Road, in the summer of '68. We believe we were the first band in Coventry to use heavy makeup on stage, and the first band in Cov to use a custom built ‘Strobe’ (made by Don O'Brian - manager) comprising a record deck, a 150 watt bulb and a cardboard disk. It worked like a dream and was superior to later 'electronic' commercially available models!"

They used to hang out with Peppermint Kreem and other bands.

JOURNEY OF A LIFE TIME.....Changed name of band to MORNING FREEDOM according to Mojo

Ray says of the Photo "
I think this was taken at a camp site in Great Yarmouth 1968. We later met up with some ex class mates from Cardinal Wiseman and played soccer on the beach.Why do I remember hiding in some girls bathroom from a big GI (soldier), with Terry and Tony?"
Morgan. see the link also for Morning Freedom.

As the band card was taken from Paul Kennelly's Peppermint Kreem Facebook site I suspect Paul was in this band too.

Memories from Ray Borkowski from Rex Brough site

"I'm Ray Borkowski, former rhythm guitarist of 'Journey of a Lifetime' which you call Jolt!
Terry on Lead guitar, Tony Vocals, and me on rhythm guitar.
JOALT at The Navigation Christmas 1968

The group played many venues around coventry 1968 - 1969. It was at the Navi that we virtually held a residency. It was there that we tried out the first ever strobe used in Coventry. Our manager Don cobled one together using a huge bulb a carboard disk and a record player! It worked to great effect and was much better than later electronic models.
We used to hang out with Peppermint Kreem and other bands."

Tez on lead guitar, Tony vocals. Journey Of A Lifetime The Navigation Christmas 1968

In Great Yarmouth for a break!

Terry on lead guitar, Tony on vocals, and he's obviously checking if I'm playing the right chords. The Navigation 1968

Part shot of 'Smiler' Dave on bass, me looking annoyed. The Navigation Christmas 1968

Terry Flanagan lead guitarist with journey of a lifetime 1968/69 with his Vox Marauder which he bought from Ray Haywood[lead guitarist of Peppermint Kreem]