According to Dean Nelson From his great Coventry site (follow the link to his name) -
"Johnny B Great (John Goodison) session singer from Coventry
    Johnny B Great's real name was Johnny Goodison also had the songwriting alias Peter Simons. A later group was Johnny B Great and the Quotations, who backed the Walker Brothers, amongst others. Later he was lead singer in an early line up of the Brotherhood of Man, scoring a hit with "United we stand".
    Goodison also worked as a producer and one of the results was the 1968 hit, "Race with the devil" by Gun (Adrian Gurvitz - "We never wanted the laugh on the record at all. We knew it would let us in for a lot of you¹re copying Arthur Brown remarks. Our Producer Johnny Goodison thought it was a good idea so we went along with it.").
    Besides that, he arranged tracks for The Love Affair, Johnny and Russell and Sue & Sunny, toured
for some years with one of the orchestras of James Last. He wrote hit tunes for the Brotherhood of Man and the Bay City Rollers (Give A Little Love), as well as songs for A Song For Europe, in 1968, 1974, 1977 and 1980 respectively.
    Johnny Goodison died in 1995. Great man.
Acapulco/You'll never leave him - 1964
School is in/She's a much better lover than you - 1964 - Credited to Johnny B Great and the Goodmen
One Mistake/A Little Understanding - 1970 - Johnny Goodison"

From Pete Chambers - Godiva Rocked to a Backbeat

"Part of the Larry Page stable based at the Orchid Ballroom."

Godiva Rocks

" Johnny Goodison was a big man with a big voice. Originally a toolmaker in Coventry, he went under the name of Johnny B Good with his band the Goodmen.

Don Kerr - Guitar
Al King - Sax
Ollie Warner - bass
Nigel Lomas - drums

First single - School is in - Decca 1963 (Backing vocals The Orchids) This was the first single released by a Coventry group although it wasn't a hit. They in return played on the Orchids first single - Gonna Make him Mine.

Johnny performed If I had a Hammer for the film Just for You which featured the Orchids.
They appeared on the B Side of the original Doctor Who Theme.

For a while they went under the name of Johnny B Great and the Quotations, backing the Walker Bros and Little Richard.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Strong Love - Johnny B Goodman and the Quotations

Everythings Gonna Be Alright

Johnny was with the Freemen before going solo - see here