Homicide 1979

Bev - Vocals 
Pete Thompson - Drums
Ian Marchant - Guitar
  / Vocals
Gary 'Mef' Meffin - Guitar
Ratty Ray - Vocals
Steve May-Russell - Bass

Earliers vocalist - Joby -Vocals - composer of Armageddon

Ray of Homicide was the same Ray of International Megastars fame

(Sources - Rex Brough - Alternative Sounds / Pete Chambers - Godiva Rocks)

Pete Chambers in Godiva Rocks recalls.

" Original punkers from the mid 70's include Homicide - led by Bev - Coventry Queen of punk. I will never

forget seeing her at
Mr Georges on one Thursday punk night wearing just a string vest. If that was punk, I thought to myself, I want in! Homicide were loud, played songs like Genocide and Armageddon (featured on the Sent From Coventry compilation) and they could be found playing mostly at the Swanswell Tavern."

from Alternative Sounds issue 5