Source Rex Brough

Peter Bosworth - Guitar 
Steve Haddon -
Paul Sampson - Guitar
Johan - Drums
Paul Brook - Drums
Chris Dunne - Drums
Mick Hartley - Bass
Steve Edgson - Clarinet

Memories from Steve Haddon (Via Rex Brough)

"Ens was formed by Pete Bosworth (guitar - brilliant John McLaughlin look/sound-alike) and myself (Steve Haddon). The original bass player didn't turn up for our first gig (at The Golden Cross) so he was ditched - can't even remember his name! Our first drummer was a young guy called Johan (can't remember surname) who also played the working men's clubs in a drums/keyboards duo. Johan's other commitments made it difficult for us to fit in gigs, so he was replaced by Paul Brook. Paul came to our first audition but was still playing in another Coventry band (Analog) along with Steve Edgson & Mick Hartley, so despite him being brilliant, he couldn't join initially because of this commitment. When Paul Brook joined, we also gained Mick Hartley (Bass) and Steve Edgson (Clarinet) - actually Steve Edgson may have joined before the other two! Paul Brook still found it difficult to give us 100% of his time and, eventually, this led to us replacing him with Chris Dunne - our 3rd brilliant drummer in a row."

"Pete Bosworth eventually decided to leave to set up a recording studio and move into production. Sadly, not long after, he collapsed whilst playing 5-a-side football and (still in his mid-twenties) died of a heart-attack."

"In the meantime, we had recruited Paul Sampson (ex-Bung). However, Pete Bosworth had made a huge contribution to Ens and it really wasn't the same without him - so the name was changed to the Reluctant Stereotypes."