circa 1968 - 1969 Source Broadgate Gnome 

Blues / rock

Line up: Arthur (Mode) Albrighton (bass, harmonicas), Paul Kennelly (vocals, guitar, gags ! etc.)

Formed to finish off dates from Peppermint Kreem's 1968 diary. Lasted around a month.

'Electric music from...featuring harmonica king Archie' (sic) gig ad CET January 1969.

Paul Kennelly tells us " Immediately after returning from the Scottish Tour , Paul Kennelly teamed up with Arthur Albrighton, Pete Davoile and Dek Wilson. Primarily it was done to complete the outstanding Peppermint Kreem diary dates. The whole thing was chaotic and there are no known images of the band " on stage ". All that has survived is a couple of photographs of the Flat and a poster/business card. This is a reconstruction of the band poster. There is no known original left. The poster was commissioned by the band from Terry Illingworth and replicated by Paul Kennelly using the following images, in 1987."

Paul Kennelly and Arthur Albrighton. Athur has his famous Harmonica " gunbelt " and Paul holds Arthur's bass guitar.
Arthur " Modie " Albrighton with the Doctor Slagg's poster and Peppermint Kreem poster, over the fireplace.

Printed by Illingworth , this card does not even have a phone number !
The " sitting room " ........ 188 Barker Butts Lane Coventry. December 1968. A wonderful mural reflecting the fashions of the day ! ... I guess it must be Eric Clapton.
Paul Kennelly and Arthur Albrighton.

Pete Clemons article on Peppermint Kreem gives some of the background to this band.