Criminal Class

Criminal Class

c 1979  - Sources Criminal Class My Space &  Rex Brough who says  they were "A skinhead band with political message. The trouble is, I've forgotten what it was. Can anyone help?"

Criminal Class My Space HERE

Last known line up Craig St Leon - -vocals  Danny Greer (originally Gary Meffen) - Lead Guitar Fred Waite - Drums Mark Branski - Bass Rick Bristow

The line up in 2002 was Craig St Leon - vocals Danny Greer - guitar 

Kez Reid - bass Nels - drums

From their My Space - " Criminal Class originally formed in 1979 by vocalist Craig St. Leon, drummer

Mark Branski, bassist Rick Bristow and guitarist Gary Meffen and there first gig was in December od the same year at The Zodiac pub in Coventry. Most of 1980 was spent playing gigs in and around the Coventry area quite often gigging with Crux. A Demotape was made during the summer at Woodbine Street Studios, Leanington Spa. The demo tape was sent to Garry bushell at 'Sounds' who seemed pretty keen on the band and invited them to appear at the first Oi! Convention at Southgate, North London, along with The 4 Skins and Infa Riot. However, The 4 Skins pulled out and in stepped The Angelic upstarts to headline the gig. It was around this time that guitarist and drummer were replaced with Bernard 'Berry' Cunningham and John 'Septic' Taylor respectively. Another Demo tape was also made at Woodbine Studios. They were also asked to appear on the second Oi! album, "Strength Thru Oi!". Discography. Strength Thru Oi, Fighting the System, Blood On The Streets Oi Collection CD

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"Blood On The Streets" on the Captain Oi label.

Track Listing You Tube (linked here) and on My Space)

Blood On The Streets /  Running Away / Soldier / Jimmy Kelly / Anti Social 

/ Do You Wanna Be Mine  / Police Brutality / Oi Oi Skinhead /  Fighting The System 14 

Soldier Soldier, Blood On The Streets and Fighting The System were released as singles in 1981. Most are taken from demos in 1980 and 81 at the Woodbine Studios.

Cuttings from Alternative Sounds 1979