circa late 1971-2

Martin Barter (organ), Tony Morgan (bass), Jim Allen (saxophone), Steve Harrison (drums).

Believed to have been short-lived as a group.

Concert (Cov Band)

CONCERT was one of Mojo (Tony) Morgan's early bands c autumn 1971.
(Pic shows Mojo (Tony) Morgan as he is today playing with the Hoochie Coochie Band)

The line up consisted of Martin Barter - Organ; Tony (Mojo) Morganon bass; Jim Allen - Saxophone; Steve Harrison - Drums.

I don't think this band got off the ground - as far as I know. I knew about via a Christmas card (shown here) to me at Shilton by Tony (Mojo) Morgan 1971.

Martin Barter had been playing with Coconut Mat (as shown in the post

about the band). They had split up and Martin had joined forces with Mojo (as Tony's now called). Mojo and Steve Harrison had been together in bands for a while - at least over the last year or so - through The Mick Green Blues Band / Railroad (another band that didn't get off the ground) and would continue through a few more permutations -Eli - Rene Chantre (However spelt!) during the early 1970's. Jim Allen teamed up with mojo c 1980 in Mojo's Ska band EMF.

Steve Harrison had lived opposite me in Willenhall Wood and was at the same Junior School. We had played together as youngsters but lost touch when I went to Boarding school. I met up again with him at the Umbrella club in 1970, just as Free were topping the charts with Alright now. Steve was very much in to Free. Often I walked home from the Umbrella (owing to lack of funds) - all three miles of it but this time Steve gave me a lift. We went out to a 'heavy Disco' on the Kepas Highway where Free and Led Zepplin were being played. Steve introduced me to Tony (Mojo) Morgan and I realised I knew him from Boarding school - albeit he was a couple of years younger than me. At the time they were playing in the Mick Green Blues Band, as I think a three piece, later joined by Johnny Adams (who eventually played in Squad) and (I think) Paul Samson (later with the Reluctant Stereotypes and producer of The Primatives etc
                                                                                                                   Jim Allen playing Sax with EMF 

EMF (The Coventry EMF!)

Finding out I wrote lyrics - Steve encouraged me to write and submit lyrics to the various bands he was in and Mojo put music to one of the numbers Elusive Metallic Idol. Bands back then split up often before they were underway owing to disputes, lack of rehearsal space, equipment, or gigs. When they did get off the ground, there might be artistic differences, personality clashes etc. When they got to a record contract stage, there might be problems with some members not wanting to give up their day jobs (in case!) and their girlfriends, or there might be pressure from the record companies to do covers rather than their material. The later happened to Indian Summer.                                                                                             

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[this is good] Thanx for reminding me Trev my mate. It was such a long time ago now that it's hard to remember everything. Good one Trev.....Peace...Mojo.

Posted by: mojomorgan | 07/04/2007 at 06:47 PM

[this is good]

This is all good. a bit more of the patchwork of the local scene.

Posted by: Jim Pryal | 07/05/2007 at 06:33 AM