circa 1970

3 piece blues band - Line up

Chris Jones ( lead guitar), Terry Flanagan (bass), Baz O'Shea (drums). 

Rehearsed and performed at Cov Arts Umbrella. Joe Reynolds (Sax and Flute) apparently played with them. Chris Jones later with Khayyam, Wave, Side Effect. Chris now has a new band in the Coventry area - The Chris Jones Band

Chris Jones Aggression

(The photo is Chris from Khayyam days later in the seventies at Earlsdon CottageJohn Bo - one of the early Hobo co-editors and Road managers of Khayyam is also in the photo and Trev is too but in the full photo not shown here!)

Chris Jones is one of Coventry's top lead  blues rock and jazz guitarist and  was in a whole range of bands in the 70's (not sure about the 80's as I'd left Cov  by Oct 1980). Some of those bands will be covered on this site -including Khayyam / Wave / Quanna Parker / Just Jake and more.

The Chris Jones Aggression was also one of the first Cov bands I saw dating back to the early period at theUmbrella Arts Club, Queen Victoria Rd. I saw a lot of them either playing at the Umbrella or rehearsing. They were essentially a three piece with drums, bass and Chris excellent blues guitar playing doing rock blues numbers, like, I think Red House. We used to listen to them rehearsing for hours at the Umbrella.

Joe Reynold sometimes played sax and flute with them (Joe was later in his own band Willow c1973 and is on this site with some of his poetry and I think he also played on some early Selecter tracks at Horizon Studiosin Cov. but that was much later! Joe was also the first person pay Hobo for add in the first issue.

Al Docker used to refer to them as Chris Jones Aggro-ession (after the skinhead notion of Aggro)! They took part in the Neol Davies organised Marathon Jam Session at the Umbrella c 1970 and I think it was their drum kit that was used.