The Bone Diggers (Roddy Radiation and)

C 90's Roddy Radiation - Guitar, Vocals / Dave West - Guitar Vocals / Garry Muldoon - Drums replaced by Jim Pryal - Drums / Sam Smith Bass

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Jim Pryal recalls
I was keen to play live again and heard that Roddy, ex Specials was looking for a drummer for his band,The
 a Rockabilly and  ska combo. I spoke to Roddy in The Oak  and a rehearsal was arranged. The manager  was Gerard Joyce. The Bonediggers shared lead singer and rhythm guitarist was Dave Westand  the bass player was Sam Smith. We had a roadie later, Steve Brophie. I had a rehearsal with them at Gerards house in Stoke where Dave lodged and we all got on well. A few rehearsals and  we were soon gigging regularly. We played a good few times at the Tic Toc club in the downstairs bar. we played the upstairs bar as well supporting 'King Pleasure and the biscuit boys' and 'Big Audio Dynamite'  There were some great bands playing The Tic Toc in that period. I remember The Giraffes and Jerry Dammers used to do a DJ spot downstairs.  The Bonediggers HQ was the Dive bar. It was a bikers pub at this time. We had a good following down there and would pack the place when we played. There was a fan called Boris  who had a Land Rover which he had painted black with the Bonediggers logo, a skull and crossbones in a star painted on the sides. It was quite a sight when about 12 of us piled in with the roof off to go for a spin via some country pubs with a bit of 'off roading' thrown in for good measure! They were a great crowd in The Dive and arranged coaches to come and support us on London gigs.  We got offered some work in Norway and Sweden. This was a great trip. We flew to Oslo into a blizzard where we got picked up by a taxi driver who used to work in Coventry!!  We took a train right up through the mountains of Norway to the coast at Bergen amongst the Vickings and Fjords and what happens? We meet a biker who used to live in Coventry. Funny thing; the guy who arranged this was  a record label  boss, Andy Case from London. I found out that his brother Fred Case, used to teach me French at Cardinal Wiseman's.

We had to take a 7 hour train trip back down the mountains to Oslo  with no food or drink, on wooden benches, in the dark stopping at every station. Believe me, we were glad to get off that train. Anyway, we did a good few gigs including the 100 club, London, the Moonlight club, London and The Mean Fiddler. We also appeared on the Mary Costello show Radio London (just after Jethro Tull) and Harmony FM in Coventry. We recorded 2 demos, one at The Depot with Mike Roberts in the chair and another at Woodbine Street.

We played in Paris at The Montemarte Theatre with Le Garcon Boucherie (The Butcher Boys) and a few other French bands.  Later we went to a club in the Pigalle area where Picasso lived during his 'Blue' period. Weird place, pigs heads sticking out of the walls. A nice trip. We also got to play Germany and Sweden and had  some great  experiences  with trips up the fjords and beer at 4 quid a pint (1992). I had some great times and experiences with The Bonediggers."