c mid 77's Source - Rex Brough 



Photo of Bung by Lin Goodwin - I think this is at Studio 51 in Spon End, Coventry with Bill Keller in the forefront.

Paul Sampson - Guitar 

Bill Keller - Bass 

Dave Budd (saxophone) 

Gary Kirton (drums)

Jazz-rock. "Guitarist Paul Sampson used a drum stick against the strings to make etherial noises.  Paul Sampson Joined Ens." Rex Brough

Bung, Live at the Walsgrave, Coventry 1977 Part 1 from Coventry Music Scene on Vimeo.

Bung - Part 2 Live at the Walsgrave, Coventry 1977 from Coventry Music Scene on Vimeo.

Memories from Bill Keller (From Rex Brough site)

"I was the bass guitarist in Bung. Paul Sampson and I were mates at primary school, and went on to form a number of bands in Coventry in the 1970s and (very early) eighties. Along with Clive Layton (absolutely fantastic keyboard player --his father Archie Layton was a well known pianist and composer in Coventry) we performed as Temple (very prog-rock). Later, I formed Bung as a Jazz-Rock combo with Dave Budd (saxophone), Paul Sampson (guitar) and Gary Kirton (drums). Later line-ups involved an alternative sax player called Ed (can't remember his surname), and Amanda Pask on flute. We played regularly at the Lady Godiva (the Dive) and the City Centre pub (alas, no more). 
I really stopped playing in bands around 1980, around the time  Paul got involved with Ens (great mates of ours) and I went off to pursue other things at University. However, I did do a few things before 'retiring' completely. So, you might note that I was the bass player on the earliest of the commercial Reluctant Stereotypes singles (i.e. not 'The Lull', but on 'She has changed not you/etc.'). I recorded on both the A and B side of the single, along with Paul, Steve Edgson and Paul Brook (brilliant drummer, much missed) at the former Horizon studios in Coventry (no longer there, sad to say). My bass playing survives only on the B-side of the single, however; the bass line for the A-side was re-recorded by the Stereotype's incoming  bass player (but he took my line!). Around this time, I also played a one-off gig in Coventry with the outfit that became the Jazz Rock group Pzazz. That was great fun, but of course their eventual bass player really was brilliant!"

Photo of Bill keller - Lin Goodwin.

Memories from Dave Gilbert (Again from from Rex Brough site)

"I was a big fan of Bung at the time, (still am). I was at college with Paul Sampson. I remember Bill played an old Burns Jazz Bass, quite valuable even then. I must have seen them over 20 times. They were all absolutely stunning musicians, Bill not playing anymore is a tragedy. They did an instrumental  "Flight of the Waterboatman in 21/8", Thats the time signature! Try counting it out, god knows how they did it! I've got a tape of them playing at The Walsgrave pub, late '77 i think, (maybe'78?). Vocals are poor, but the rest is stunning! Paul wrote the set-list out for me, which i've still got, "Boatman" is on it too! Cheers, Dave"

More photos from Lyn Goodwin

Dave Budd on Sax