From Pete Chambers - Godiva Rocked to a Backbeat.
Line up 
David (Dave) Rooney (Band leader)
Bob Davidson
Tony Beard (Rhythm Guitar)
Colin Kingsbear
Louie Woods
Phil Packham
Mal Jenkins

David (Dave) Rooney - band leader - was missed off. He's on the far right in the picture. His first wife is in the picture too. Thanks to his daughter - Kellie Ziemba - for pointing out the omission. 
Tony Beard (pictured) became a record plugger for Don Arden and ELO road manager. Phil Packham joined the
Sorrows. Mal Jenkins joined Tony Martin and His Echo Four then Decca recording band The Pickwicks. Shared the bill at the Orchid with Johnny Kidd, Wee Willie Harris and Cuddly Dudley.

From Pete Chambers - Godiva Rocked to a Backbeat
Tony Beard " They were glorious" reveals Tony "at the Orchid we shared the bill with Johnny Kid, Wee Willie Harris and Oh Boy favourite - Cuddly Dudley. Then we got to play further afield and met the likes of Eden Kane, Marty Wilde, Shane Fenton and the Dave Clarke. I continued to be one of the group's rhythm guitarists (the band were unique in having a lead guitarist and two rhythm guitarists) but I took on the extra role as manager and got the bookings too."

Among the many venues they played the General Wolf

Tony has also worked with the likes of Pete Waterman (including spending a whole night recording jingles for the Susan Cadogan record Hurt So Good).

Tony played on the original version of the Don Fardon hit Belfast Boy and was also involved with chart topper Eden Kane, glam rock band Hello, Guys and Dolls, Dollar and was a big part of the Electric Light Orchestra (From Pop in to the Past - Pete Chambers) -

I think the name may have come from "The Buccaneers was a 1956 Sapphire Films television drama series for ITC Entertainment, networked by CBS in the US and shown on ATV and selected ITV companies in the UK.

Starring Robert Shaw as Dan Tempest, the series, aimed at children, followed the adventures of Tempest and his crew of former pirates as they made their way across the seven seas in The Sultana."

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