ANALOG - Source - Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts Magazine / Workshop 1973 - 75
circa 1974-5

Quoted in HOBO as being 'rock'. They were a regular band at the HOBO WORKSHOP.

Analog bequeathed two of its members to the later Two Tone band The Reluctant Stereotypes mK 1. Mick Hartley and Steve Edgson with Paul Brook playing drums at some stage.

Mick Hartley
 (bass), Steve Edgeson (2nd guitar/clarinet/recorder), John
 'Multi-tracking maniac' Rushton (lead guitar/vocals) and Paul 'Babbling' Brook (double drum kit/vocals). Edgeson later turned up in the Reluctant Stereotypes and Pink Umbrellas.

In his letter to HOBO in 1974, lead guitarist John Rushton described the band as a “new and truly original Coventry rock band”. There were strong jazz-rock and early King Crimson and Yes influences in the music.

The group was pictured in the CET playing at the Hobo Workshop in an article about the workshop.

In HOBO it was reported that the band had been rehearsing an original set for a year without playing any gigs.

In the letter used for the HOBO article, John Rushton says: “We’re working on a 40 minute suite at the moment, as yet untitled, based on an original idea by Paul Brook. This will comprise the first half of the set, along with a super high-energy instrumental entitled ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ - say no more! The suite contains more words than ‘Close to the Edge’ and has seven main parts.” John A. Rushton - Earlsdon

The band's equipment included: Mick Hartley - Sound City 120W amp 7 cab; Paul Brook - Pearl double bass drum kit; Steve Edgeson - Park combination amp and cab; John Rushton - Park 100watt amp + R.P.A. cab + horn unit. The P.A. was hired.

According to Coventry’s later music mag. ALTERNATATIVE SOUNDS (late 70’s), Mick Hartley from Analog was also in the Reluctant Stereotypes.

Analog on Sound Cloud

Reluctant Stereotypes comprised members from two of Hobo Workshop’s regular bands. The two members of Analog and Paul Sampson of Trigon (see Bands 'T').

Hobo Magazine - Issue 4 Unpublished Version - May 1974 - Edited and written by Trev Teasdel


"A new original rock band freaturing Mick Hartley bass (Sound City 120 watt

amp + cab), Steve Edgeson 2nd guitar / clarinet and recorder (Park Combination amp + cab), Paul (Babbling) Brook drums and vocals and concept (Pearl double bass drum kit) John Rushton (multi-track-maniac) lead guitar and backing vocals (park watt amp + RPA cab and horn unit. They are currently working on a 40 min suite written by Paul Brook. This will comprise the first set followed by high energy instrumentals. The suite contains more words than Yes's Close to the Edge. (Ed notes - They became regulars at theHobo Workshop later in 1974)"

From Hobo No 4 (Published Version Summer 1974)


Is a band that have been rehearsing an original set for about a year, without playing any gigs. They have written and composed a 40 min long suite which they will perform in the first half of their set. This will be followed by a high energy piece. The line up consists of Mick Hartley bass (sound City 120 watt amp = cab); Steve Edgeson 2nd guitar / clarinet / recorder (park combination amp + cab), Paul (Babbling) Brook - drums and vocals (Pearl double bass Drumkit); John Rushton (multi tracking maniac) lead guitar and backing vocals (Park 100watt amp = RPA cab and horn unit)."
Tribute to Paul Brook who passed away recently

Some photos of Analog courtesy of John Rushton

Below Mick Hartley - Bass at Snitterfield studios - where Analog were recording.

Analog recording at Snitterfield

Below - Paul Brooks Double kit at the Coventry Cathedral gig

Below John Rushton more recently - still making good music.

Below - Coventry Evening Telegraph article on Hobo Workshop at the Holyhead Youth Centre - which was run by Trev Teasdel and supported by Coventry Voluntary Service Council - via detached youth worker - Bob Rhodes who sent the press release out.

Above Paul Brook, Analog's drummer.

Attachment is John Rushton's letter to Hobo Magazine 1974 with information on the newly formed Analog - from Trev Teasdel's collection.