Coventry Bands A

In this section are Coventry Bands beginning with 'A'. 

Where we have quite a bit of info on a band - the name of the band will be hyper-linked -indicated by colour. Click on it to see further info & any  photos / audio / Vids / Press cuttings etc.

3 AM c 1966 - 67 Sources - Broadgate Gnome / Jim Pryal / Coventry Standard)


28 If  c 90's (Source - John Docker) Ian Green's band 

A BAND CALLED GEORGE 1974 This link goes to Hobo - Coventry Folkscene blog

ABSOLUTELY c 90's - Source -John Docker

ACADEMY MORTICIANS c Punk era - From Balsall Common in Cov. Line up - Simon, Dan, Steve and Tom. 

ACHING TONGUE - Karl Shale - Bass, Drums - Dianne Cox (formerly of Zanders, Karl Shale joined Colourfield (Source Rex Brough Shale - bass (from Solid Action and Aching Tongue,later joined The Candyskins and played with Ausgang in the late 90's)

ACME PATENT ELECTRIC BAND circa 1967-1968 Psychedelic blues. Sources: Tim James / Rex Brough / Broadgate Gnome.

ACORN circa 1970 Heavy rock band. Changed name to Rogation Sunday. Source Hobo Magazine

ADORABLE 1990 - 94 Source - Pete Chambers / John Docker / Wikipedia / My Space

c 1969 "Vince's Band "  (from Broadgate Gnome's A to Z)

AFRICAN GRASS c 68 - 70 Nuneaton-based progressive/blues. Colin Edmonds (drums), Alan Davies (bass, vocals), Mick Burgoyne (guitar). Mick Burgoyne was later in Fresh Maggots. Source Broadgate Gnome but with addition of a poster.

The AGENTS c 1964 - R & B. Source - Broadgate Gnome A to Z.

THE AK BAND 80's Ska band


ALL ABOUT EVE - Julianne Regan from Coventry


ANALOG - 1974 (Source Hobo Magazine)

ANGTROMS circa 1964-6 (Sources: Broadgate Gnome & Pete Chambers)

ANTARCTICS C 1965 (Sources Broadgate Gnome, Coventry Standard, Coventry Telegraph). Clive scott later in Transatlantics and Jigsaw)

AORTA MAJOR (One of Dennis Burns's band) 

The APPLICANTS c 90's Source John Docker

APRIL 1969 - 70 (Source Hobo Magazine) This page is now on Coventry folkscene blogspot - Return here for main menu. Features Ron Lawrence - later  with Sniff and the Tears / Moon and bass on Kinks Come Dancing.


ARCHIMEDES PRINCIPLE c 1967 "Became The Mood in September 1967"  - Source Broadgate Gnome


ARMPIT JUG BAND Link goes to Hobo - Coventry Folkclub Scene

The ARROWS c 1965 Source Broadgate Gnome

ASGARD 1969 - 70 (Source Hobo Magazine)

A SPLENDID EYESORE C 90's (Source John Docker)

THE ATLANTICS (Source Broadgate Gnome & Pete Chambers)

ATTIC DRESSERS Steve Edgson  and Paul Samson - " In 1984 the Pink Umbrellas (or The Attic Dressers as they were then known) split and Paul concentrated on production and engineering at Cabin studios and Steve formed the Giraffes." Source - Pete Chambers 

ATTRITION c early 80's to present. Led by Martin Bowes former editor of Coventry fanzine Alternative Sounds c 1979 / 80


The AUTOCRATS c 1965 Beat group. Line up: Olly Warner (drums) and others. Ex-Goodmen Source Broadgate Gnome and from Pete Chambers - Wes Price left this band to join The Sorrows replacing Terry Jukes.