Welcome to the Hobo - A to Z of Coventry Bands. By Coventry, we mean the whole Coventry area, taking in Bedworth, Nuneaton, Leamington, Rugby, Warwick, Kenilworth. 

Work in Progress (Revised October 2014)
This site is still a work in progress. By nature it will never be a complete list because there have been so many bands from the Coventry area and more are coming to light all the time. As new material comes in or is researched, posts will be updated with information, photos, flyers, band cards, audio and youtube. If you band is not listed or listed but there is no information (or at least no information), or if you want to correct or elaborate on anything, do get in contact and send us your band info and stories. There is still quite a bit to add and revise as time permits though.
To Contact Hobo A to Z of Coventry Bands email Trev Teasdel at  hobozine@googlemail.com

This site was created by Trev Teasdel (former editor of Hobo - Coventry's Music and Arts Magazine) which was originally published periodically in Coventry between 1973 and 1975 and from 2003 began publishing archive material from the Coventry Music Scene online via the Broadgate Gnome site and My Space. By 2007 the Hobo Vox site was created with over 300 posts bringing together Coventry musicians past and present. Sadly Vox closed its blogs c 2010 and it provided an opportunity to revise the work, A number of blogspots were created focussing on aspects of the Coventry music scene,such as the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club, Discos, Folk Clubs, Hobo magazine archives etc. The links are posted below. We also created this A to Z, building on earlier ones by Broadgate Gnome and Rex Brough and Pete Chambers book Godiva Rocks but with a wider range of bands and information, including youtube and audio.

This A to Z is hosted by Google Sites which allows 100mb of space. Such is the material from Coventry, we've well exceeded that and so we have combined (hopefully seamlessly now) three Google sites, giving them the same look and configuring them to have a shared A to Z sidebar so that if you click on a band that's on part two (you will see from the url what part it is) you can access the A to Z menu from that site from the ssidebarof all three parts.
Other Coventry A to Z's
There is also the book Godiva Rocks by Pete Chambers
Pete's book was published in 2005 and is now, as far as I know, out of print but there maybe copies on E bay or in Coventry libraries or you might ask your musician friends.

Hobo - Coventry Music Archives on Blogger
Apart from this A to Z of Coventry Bands, we have a number of blogspots around certain aspects of the Coventry music scene covering material mainly from the 60's / 70's and 80's but also material right up to the present..

Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts Magazine Archives -  This site is in progress and contains the main archives of Hobo Magazine - the pdf's fo the magazine, it's news coverage, press cuttings, reports, features etc and the work of the Hobo Workshop at the Holyhead Youth Centre and the Golden Cross. It will also feature other Coventry Magazines such as Broadgate Gnome, Alternative Sounds and later fanzines. There is already quite a bit of material on this site but it yet to be finished.

Coventry Arts Umbrella Club
This is the archives of the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club which was opened by the Goods in Little Park Street, Coventry in 1955. Later it moved to 18, Queen Victoria Road until 1972 after which it relocated at the Charterhouse.  There is still a small group from the Umbrella meeting around poetry and art but in it's prime it ran a prestigious literary magazine  Umbrella, which in the 50's was linked to The Movement and published an article by Philip Larkin explaining his Poem I Remember I Remember (That rare article is on this site) later in the very early 70's the Umbrella had a great band scene and at least 2 later members of  Two Tone were involved.

Coventry Folk Club and Acoustic Scene 1960's to present  
 This site contains many  illustrated articles with audio and youtube on many of Coventry's past and present folk and acoustic artists  including  pdf versions of Pete Willow's Folks Magazine from 1979 and articles derived from there. From Rod Felton to Kristy Gallacher and many in between.

This blogspot houses Pete Clemon's Rock of Ages columns  listing Coventry gigs from the 60's to present and all of his music articles published in the Coventry Telegraph and telling the history of Coventry's music scene. I have illustrated these articles with source material from the Hobo archives and youtube.  Another trove of musical goodies. 

As it says on the tin! This contains a range of material that doesn't fit into the other blogs, including the celebrated Silk Disco, Sunshine Music Agency, Virgin Records in Coventry,  venues, and Pete Waterman.

This is a newer blog featuring Youtubes and information of many of the bands who played the Lanch Poly gigs and Arts festivals in the late 60's to the 80's.  In the 70's and 80's, the Lanch put on so many top class bands and artists and this is an attempt to document as many as we can remember and provide youtube on the bands as far as possible so those who never went can see what the fuss was all about.

Coventry Musicians Who's Who 
This blog has an A to Z of Coventry musicians. It's not yet complete (if ever!) but there are many names and their bands on already. I will come back to it when the A to Z of bands is complete and add in names not on. Meanwhile if you are not on it - and you should be - or your friends and their bands or if your info is incorrect - do let us know at hobozine@googlemail.com.

Here are some sound bites from recent Wandering John Reunion concert in Coventry taken on my mobile. The concert was filmed for DVD and a link will be on here soon to where you can buy it -meanwhile the sound bites.