Welcome to the Hobo - A to Z of Coventry Bands. By Coventry, we mean the whole Coventry area, taking in Bedworth, Nuneaton, Leamington, Rugby, Warwick, Kenilworth. 

Work in Progress 
This site is still a work in progress and by nature it will never be a complete list because new bands are coming to light all the time.   
If you band is not listed or is listed but there is no information, or if you want to correct or elaborate on anything, do get in contact and send us your band info and stories.
Contact - Trev Teasdel at  hobozine@googlemail.com

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Here you will find links to the sites for the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club, Hobo Magazine and Workshop, Coventry Folk and Acoustic Scene, Pete Clemons Coventry Music Articles, Coventry Discos and Venues and More.

About this Hobo A to Z site.
Hobo magazine was co-founded by Trev Teasdel and John Bo Bargent in 1973 the Hobo Workshop gigs began in 1974 at the Holyhead Youth Centre in Coventry, where Two Tone also began. In 1975 the Hobo Workshop gigs moved to upstairs at the Golden Cross. Hobo followed on from earlier work with bands at The Coventry Arts Umbrella Club and work by an early Coventry underground magazine called The Broadgate Gnome in 1970 and preceded later work done Alternative Sounds in 1979  / 80 and a range of later Coventry music fanzines.

In 2003 I revived Hobo as a Coventry Music Archive site, at first contributing material to the Broadgate Gnome, A to Z of Coventry bands. There was also another very good A to Z run by Rex Brough. It wasn't my intention to create a new A to Z site but just upload the Hobo and Umbrella Club archives while sending my A to Z entries to the Broadgate Gnome site. In 2005 Pete Chambers produced his book Godiva Rocks and it included some of the Hobo entries that were on the Broadgate Gnome site. However the Gnome site seemed to stop and only some of the Hobo entries made it to the site. 

In 2006 I found Vox blogs and they were perfect for the Hobo Archives. In 2009 Vox blogs closed and I transferred the material to a series of sites on Blogger. I eventually to do the Hobo A to Z of Coventry bands because Pete's book by then was out of print and both the Broadgate Gnome and the Rex Brough A to Z  seemed to have disappeared. Rex's site seemed to have come back. Now it's here, it's probably the most comprehensive A to Z of Coventry bands!

Coventry Music and Entertainment Venues in the 1970's by Dr. Ruth Cherrington.
This new book launched in Coventry in November 2017,features some of the material from the Hobo sites and Hobo Magazine it'self,along with a wealth of memories from people who attended,organised or played in the venues. Well worth a read.

You can buy the book in Coventry at Waterstones or HMV or order it on line from Amazon UK HERE 

Also you can read a review by Pete Clemons HERE

Here are some sound bites from recent Wandering John Reunion concert in Coventry taken on my mobile. The concert was filmed for DVD and a link will be on here soon to where you can buy it -meanwhile the sound bites.