Fitness Walks

Fitness Walks

 Get a different view of Bandon by walking the streets and meeting the people of our town.

Click on the following link to view a detailed map with instructionsBandon Fitness Walk map with details

 Walk 1 Town Circuit - Start at the bridge. Travel out the Dunmanway road and turn left and return via Laurel walk (as per walk 8) upon your return turn right at the town hall and go over the footbridge- travel past the Garda station on Weir St .Continue as per walk 3 but this time take a right by the GAA club and travel the bypass. Turn left at the roundabout at the base of the hill and return to the bridge.

 Walk 2 Car Park c 1 mile west of the Innishannon bridge - Take the old railway route to Bandon. This walk has become a favourite for young and old alike. Distance: 3.2km

 Walk 3 Mc Swiney / Mc Sweeney Quay - Travel west and turn left onto Weir St, turn right at the South Main Street junction and pass St Peter’s church on your left. Turn left beyond the church and travel uphill. This is Chapel Street Continue on this road until you come to a grotto on your right. Turn left and follow the road back to the town centre via New Road, Market Street, South Main Street & Bridge St. Distance: 2.3km

 Walk 4 Bypass - Starting form the Kevin O’Leary garage at the Cork side of Bandon taking the bypass that travels south of the town and brings you to the Kilbrittain Road. Distance: 3.4km via the bypass only. Bypass and return through town 3.5km Another option is to continue down past the GAA club, take a right, make your way past the second Kevin O’Leary garage, travel through the town and return to your starting point

 Walk 5 Old Chapel Bandon Town - West to Old Chapel and back again Distance: (from Bandon Credit Union) 1.6km to Water Wheel and 2.3km to Galvin’s Renault (+ return through town = 4.6km)

 Walk 6 Kilbrogan Walk - Starting at the Old Post Office go up North main street, right up Kilbrogan Hill – Over the crest of the hill and past St Brogans – turn right and return to the Post Office after coming down Cork Road. (Turn right at the bottom of the hill and you are back at the Post Office) Distance: 1.9km . There is another more popular option of turning left at the top of Kilbrogan Hill onto Convent Hill, then right and past the Athletic and Soccer Clubs’ pitches on your right. Continue right and uphill. Then take another right which will bring you back down to the Macroom Road and then a left after the Hawthorns down onto Cork Road and back to the Old Post Office.

 Walk 7 St Peters Church - Travel up O’Mahoney Avenue and then take a left to go down Doherty’s Road. Stay left and take the main road back into town passing a bar / restaurant on your left. Continue into town and cross over to the right hand side of the road having passed the entrance to St Patrick’s church. Continue past Patrick’s’ Quay and take a left towards South Main St just after the public car park. Cross South Main St to Bridge St and then turn left onto McSwiney Quay. Turn left at the end of the main quay passing the Garda Station on your right. Take a right on South Main St to bring you back to St Peters. Take a left after .5kmTotal Distance 2.8km.

 8 Old Post Office - Follow North Main St and go out the Dunmanway Rd. At the edge of the town after c. 1 mile you can take a left and this will bring you back to Allen Square via the Laurel Walk. Take a left after 1.5km Total Distance: 3km.

 Safety guidelines :We advise people to travel in pairs; wear appropriate walking shoes and also wear a reflective

arm-band or another item of apparel that will increase visibility to drivers. Let people know your route, have

a mobile phone with you and be extra careful where footpaths do not exist and you have no option but to walk

on the main road. Be Safe – Be Seen. Get Fit – Stay Fit!

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Bandon Fitness Walks