Promoting Bandon - Your opportunity to participate

posted 20 Jul 2017, 12:48 by Bandon Website
A copy of an email sent earlier this evening looking for feedback and volunteers to help promote our town:

Hi Folks.

Apologies in advance if it is being sent to old or redundant email address. Please email me on if you would prefer to be removed from this mailing list.

I've been in contact with a few local business people recently and old ideas of 'joined -up-thinking' to help promote Bandon came to the fore. 

The purpose of this email is to inform you that we hope to undertake activities to improve communication between the different stakeholders in Bandon over the coming months. The long term plan is to promote Bandon as a place to shop, work and live in.

These activities may include brainstorming on promoting Bandon and the many events that take place locally.

This may also include the following:
  1. Creating a business to business communication system. (Develop stronger links between the many local businesses.)
  2. Developing activities to promote Bandon. (Imagine if we had a Bandon Car Show or a Bandon Comedy Festival????)
  3. Supporting local community initiatives.
  4. Promoting local businesses.
We would encourage all business users to review the website and look up their business listing, address and location on the interactive map. (As before, please email me with any updates / corrections)

We are also using the Bandon Town Facebook ( as a way of promoting what is happening.

Both of the above are available to highlight the many activities that take place in Bandon. (Priority is to promote voluntary, sporting and charitable activities) We shall however develop stronger business links with both the website and Facebook page over the coming months.

A key point to note is that all of the promotional work is done on a voluntary basis. As firms are still recovering from tough times, all of the work done is being completed without any charge.

If you have any ideas or suggestions ..... please get in contact. Various initiatives have taken place over the years and we hope to take the best of these and improve upon them.