Bandara Gajanayake/බංඩාර  ගජනායක,  Ph.D.

Welcome to my personal blog.

I returned to my country just after completing my PhD from the Mississippi State University and started working in the Wayamba University as a senior lecturer.

I completed my MS and PhD from the  Mississippi State University and enjoyed my life for six years in USA.

My research interests includes climate change agriculture, crop modelling, commodity marketing, and resource management in agriculture.

Mississippi State University, my education superhighway

My 2001-2008 period

I did involve research and teaching in the areas of plantation crop production and management at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. One thing that impressed me on my working place in Sri Lanka was free and friendly working environment that facilitated me to gain lot of academic credentials, achievements,  and this nature ultimately encouraged me to be better in my craft.

While working at the Wayamba University, I earned a Masters degree (M.Phil- Agricultural Economics, 2007), from the Peradeniya University, which I felt as one the academic achievements in my career.

Period from 1995- 2001
I entered to the Peradeniya University in year 1995 and  graduated with BSc. (Agriculture) special degree in year 2000 with a second class upper division pass. Just after graduation I worked as a Research Associate in the department of crop science, faculty of agriculture and then joined to the Wayamba University  as a fresh academic in year 2001.

From 2008, May to up to date: Student life at the Mississippi State

I came to USA on 13th May 2008 to pursue further education leading to a doctoral degree. On my way to PhD, I received my second masters degree  in year 2010.

I got my PhD degree in agronomy and currently I am planning to go back to Sri Lanka after May graduation . 

My research area is related to climate change agriculture and abiotic stress physiology of crops. The research station which I work is called soil plant atmospheric research (SPAR) facility located one mile away from the main campus.

My lab :SPAR

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Research (SPAR) Facility is a controlled environment research facility located at the Mississippi State University's campus. This facility is one of the two such facilities in the USA.
SPAR has a set of ten outdoor naturally-lit chambers, with computer control of the environmental factors. This facility was established in 1977 and has since been used for determining plant responses to a variety of environmental factors.

SPAR URL :  http://www.spar.msstate.edu/

My education milestones

2014 - Ph.D., Mississippi State University, USA

2013 - Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty, Mississippi State Univ, USA *  

2010 - MSc., Mississippi State University, USA  

2007 - MPhil. (Agric. Economics), Univ. of Peradeniya, SL

2000 - BSc. (Agriculture), Univ. of Peradeniya, SL 

*In year 2013 June, I completed one year intensive program on Preparing Future Faculty. This helped me to improved my teaching and learning skills necessary to become a successful faculty in my area, any where in the world.   

My Research Areas

Climate change agriculture and crop modeling
Plant responses to abiotic stressors and crop physiology

Plantation crop production and management
Resource management and commodity marketing

Contact Information
Department of Plant & Soil Sciences
R. R. Foil Soil-Plant-Atmospheric Research facility,
Building  32, North farm, MAFES, Mississippi State
, MS 39762, USA

e-mail address: gajawyb@yahoo.com

     URL:  http://www.spar.msstate.edu/

My Blog: http://gajanayake.blogspot.com/

        I committed to build a career in higher education  and my               desire is to contribute my skills and other  credentials to                   become an outstanding teacher  and a researcher in the fields           of agriculture and  higher education.

Place that changed my life. Love this place.

Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management, Wayamba Univ. of SL.

The high way to my higher eduction

University of Peradeniya,

Life at Mississippi State University

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Sri Lankans at Mississippi State

Sri Lankan students at the MSU have formed a student association to assist new and current students. The link to web site of Sri Lankan Students Association, Mississippi State University is given below.


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