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Calorie Count Book

calorie count book
    calorie count
  • (Calorie Counting) An awareness of the calorie content of foods is healthy, but should not be overdone. Simple calorie counting does provide a way of controlling energy intake and losing weight.
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calorie count book - Sportline Model
Sportline Model 330 Step Count Pedometer
Sportline Model 330 Step Count Pedometer
Perfect for your 10,000 Step per day program, this electronic step pedometer with APD (Advanced Pendulum Design) is easy to use. It is ideal for walkers, hikers and joggers. The large electronic display makes it extremely easy to read as you exercise.

Simple yet effective, the tiny, ultra-lightweight Sportline 330 Step Count Pedometer is great for all walkers and hikers. It features a clear translucent gel design with a see-through flip cover that protects the buttons during activity. Perfect for your 10,000-step a day exercise program, it's suitable for walkers, hikers, and joggers. It records up to 10,000 steps on the extra-large LCD. Other features include tuned pendulum movement, single reset button, and a tough belt clip.
What's in the Box?
Sportline 330 pedometer, printed instructions
Manufacturer Warranty
1-year limited warranty

87% (17)
Bridget's Jones's Diary
Bridget's Jones's Diary
As the Bible of thirtysomething single women everywhere, "Bridget Jones's Diary" is one of the most eagerly anticipated book-to-screen adaptations in recent memory. Informed by author Helen Fielding's droll observations of a year in the life of her weight-obsessed, love-starved heroine, the novel hit a bull's-eye with women on both sides of the Atlantic. As a film, however, item misses its mark, failing to capitalize on the staccato rhythms and sardonic wit of Bridget's inner life. That said, pic's pre-sell value is solid enough to suggest initially healthy B.O. that could continue to generate decent returns, even as it will inevitably disappoint some of the book's devotees. Introduced in a series of columns in the U.K.'s Independent, Fielding's lovably imperfect Bridget, with her incessant calorie counting, cigarette smoking and wine-swilling, inflected the British vernacular with a personal lexicon that divided her community into "Singletons" and "Smug-marrieds." Little surprise, then, that the unlikely casting of American thesp Renee Zellweger over British actresses caused a row not seen since Tom Cruise donned fangs to play the vampire Lestat. The good news is that Zellweger delivers as Bridget, and her fellow actors, including Hugh Grant and Colin Firth as the men she must choose between, are exceptionally well cast. The bad news is that despite being edited down to a bare-bones 90-odd minutes, forcing the elimination of key characters and scenes and the underdevelopment of others, pic manages to feel, paradoxically, as dramatically flabby as the 10 pounds Bridget cannot seem to shed. Things start off promisingly, with Bridget alone in her flat comically crooning along with the radio. Awash in red flannel pajamas and wine-induced haze, cheerfully oblivious and singing "All by Myself," Zellweger breathes full-bodied life into Bridget. Opening title sequence is the movie's best bit. Soon she's off to a holiday turkey-curry buffet where, for the umpteenth time, family friends barrage her with questions about her love life. Though her irrepressible mum (Gemma Jones) is scheming to fix her up with a childhood friend, party guest and top barrister Mark Darcy (Firth), Bridget, who suffers from foot-in-mouth disease, botches the encounter. Needless to say, it is not a love connection. It's not that Mark Darcy is so awful; it's just that he's a sartorially challenged snob who loftily dismisses Bridget's attempt to make conversation. She much prefers mooning over Daniel Cleaver (Grant), her cad of a boss who has finally begun to take notice of her Ally McBeal-length skirts. After a blissful and sex-filled courtship with Daniel, Bridget makes an unfortunate discovery that ends their romance. Not to worry, suggest her Singleton best friends Shazza (Sally Phillips), Jude (Shirley Henderson) and Tom (James Callis): There's life beyond Daniel. Surprisingly, there's been interest from Mark Darcy, who's apologized for his earlier behavior. In a thoroughly overstaged sequence that transpires at Bridget's 32nd birthday party, there's a showdown between Mark and Daniel leaving Bridget in a "Pride and Prejudice"-type dilemma of choosing between two men. Above sequence, which is not in the book, has the effect of visually underscoring the conflict and further delineating Mark's and Daniel's own bitter history, but it reduces her friends to a simpering chorus. Other sequences memorable from the book are re-created with mixed success, including Bridget's arrival at a "Tarts and Vicars" party in full Playboy bunny regalia, mortified to discover the party theme had been changed, and an infamous scene that finds Bridget trying to scurry up a fire pole. Zellweger is a tireless sport about all of this. And despite the initial furor over her casting, her best roles (in "Jerry Maguire" and "Nurse Betty") have indicated a sweetness, vulnerability and comic timing that make her perfect for Bridget. Gaining some 20 pounds, the actress has transformed herself into a lumpy, fleshy everywoman. Sadly, Stuart Dryburgh's lensing and Rachael Fleming's costumes go a bit too far in making her look unattractive. As to her accent, Brits may complain about its authenticity, but Americans will be thoroughly convinced. Grant and Firth are impeccable. Firth, whose performance as Mr. Darcy in the BBC's "Pride and Prejudice" was the model for Fielding's Mark Darcy, brings unexpected depth to his role, while Grant, for once, thankfully gets to play against type. And perhaps it's no small coincidence that both actors are mentioned in the book. Documentary director Sharon Maguire, the real-life model for Fielding's Shazza, has shown an uncertain hand in her first feature. Script by Fielding, Richard Curtis ("Notting Hill" scribe) and BBC "Pride and Prejudice" writer Andrew Davies could have benefited from using elements of the book's d
Day 032 of 365More, 06-24-08 We've got us a rescue!
Day 032 of 365More, 06-24-08 We've got us a rescue!
So, this being day 4 of knowing I have diabetes, I feel really good. I swam for 45 minutes today, and then when I got home I found out that Gwen, my sister-in-law, had brought over some South Beach Diet frozen meals AND had bought me two new South Beach Diet (SBD) books... the big and the little books. I've decided that I am going to try the SBD because it already has diebetics in mind! Not only that, but there's not any calorie counting or points counting or exchange counting. I haven't read most of the books yet, but from what I can tell, it's the right kind of diet for me. I have done weight watchers many times, but with that plan you can eat ANYTHING regardless of GI and carbohydrates... not to mention that I would lose 20 pounds and feel all happy, get sick or go on vacation, and forget the whole deal and gain the weight back. I'd like not to do that this time round, since the rest of my life depends on it. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers if you are the praying kind! (My name is Pauline) As far as the cage behind me... it has a cat in it that I just snagged today. We got the okay to catch him to be part of the NMAF adoption kitties. Tomorrow morning we have an appointment to get him tested for "FeLuke" (FeLV) and FIV (kitty AIDS... well, kitty HIV, really, but feline - not human!). If he's negative for both of those it's a matter of getting him neutered and trying to find out if he belongs to anyone. He's a very loving cat, but he IS skinny and he IS dirty... BUT being skinny doesn't mean that he doesn't belong to anyone, and being dirty just comes with living outdoors here in the dirt-o-rama (i.e. the desert). Dexter definitely spends time in the sewers, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't belong to anyone either... but at the same time, there is a law here in Albuquerque that says that cats are not allowed to roam and they must be chipped and spayed or neutered... so... he's up for grabs, legally. We'll get a good picture of him and post it at the vet's office around the corner (Bolton), put his picture and a description in the found section of the newspaper, and see about getting some signs up in other places... we're really hoping that he is FeLV and FIV negative because we'd like to introduce him to our cats so that he doesn't have to be locked up in our bedroom... our cats really like being able to come poink around on us in the bedroom! FYI: He tested negative for both FeLV and FIV, and is now officially in the NMAF "system" and is up for adoption. He gets neutered in two days! (Friday, 06-27-08)

calorie count book
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