The Monkeys

Code of Cooperation:

(Created by the Monkeys)

1. Walking feet in school.

2. Raise a quiet hand when you have something to say.

3. Sit on our bottom in a chair, and criss cross applesauce on the floor.

4. Eyes on the person talking, ears listening, and mouth at zero.

5. We will share and work together.

I-Care Rules:

1. We listen to each other.

2. Hands are for helping, not hurting.

3. We use I-Care language.

4. We care about each others feelings.

5. We are responsible for what we say and do.

Hello Monkeys!

Happy 2019! We've made it through January! February has started off very mild, which is a nice change. We will be celebrating the 100th day of Kindergarten very soon. This is a huge milestone for us. We have been working so hard these last 100 days, and I have a lot of confidence that we will finish strong for the rest of the school year. Have a great vacation, and I'll see you back at school February 25th!

Love, Ms. Simoneau