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This is not always simple to understand how our different websites are organized. There are some good reasons to work this way. The different sites answers to different aspects of our passion (aircraft restoration, pictures cataloguing …) Theses sites belong to different organizations. We works all together but we have all our autonomy and the sites are maintained by different persons When a site goes down or is under rebuild, you can  allways access information from the other ones.



The fundation is the organization who focus on grouping sponsors and receiving gifts to preserve aeronautical heritage in Belgium

The Bamrs Historically, our first website dedicated to history and techniques we use in restoring aircraft. Maintained by Nicolas, you will find there detailed reports about our works
The Website of the AELR (Friends of the Brussels  Air Museum) Le site de l'AELR (Amis du Musée de l'Air et l'Espace) 

Bénévoles Created by Simon, this site is dedicated to the volunteers. We hope you to morrow.

Our gallery hosted at Fotopic where you can follow our restorations works


Our new gallery based on Coppermine


Our gallery at  Picasa 

About pictures The target of the Library is to preserve photo and documents about our Aeronautical heritage on electronic medias

The Fonds Renard honors the Belgian aircraft builder Alfred Renard, more information on this site maintained by Nicolas .

e-baha Born as the electronic forum of the baha. This is today the free place where you can ask any question related to Aviation History in Belgium hoping an expert can answeryou.

You are welcome to ask your questions, inform the Belgian Aviation History community about events, publications

A Mitchell back to BelgiumStarted in 2005 as a common effort from bamf and bamrs to acquire, transport and restore a B-25 inBelgium to commemorate the 139 Wing crews.

Enlist !The group supported by the bamf focus on Belgian aircrews who operated with the RAF and SAAF during World War II. Visit to learn about the project and to join

André Dillien lists André compile Belgian aircraft civil registrations, Belgian pilots lists, Russian pilots lists. One time per month we upload his lists to share with any enthusiasts 

1914 1918 Connectionsite by Mike Lewis, a real WW1 addict. Mike also works restoring the LVG and the Halberstadt



The last but one of the most important, this site contains the pictures of our Brussels Air Museum Magazine

At you will find the index of all previous issues of the magazine