Aviation Websites 

 There are a lot of Aviation web sites, just a few we like


 A  website about Belgian military aircraft, which are classified as being wreck or relic, as monument, gate-guard, but also about aircraft which served with the Belgian military aviation on display in museums in Belgium and abroad.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society –

A wide of links covering historical aviation society in the world.
The Canadian Aviation Historical Society is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to the celebration and documentation of Canada's flying heritage. Members receive the CAHS Journal, Canada's premier aviation history magazine ... http://www.cahs.com/Links.htm http://www.cahs.com/index.htm

Le site des pionniers de l’aéronautique à Genève Des Genevois chez eux ou ailleurs et des étrangers dans Genève http://www.pionnair-ge.com/spip1/

Jet Alpine FighterA Warbird group from Switzerland operating a Mitchell http://www.jaf.ch/jaf06f/index.php

Mikael Carlson Flying MachinesWelcome to the official homepage of Mikael Carlson Flying Machines! On these pages we hope you'll find most of the things you want to know about Mikael and his aeroplanes. http://mattiasjonsson.com/aerodrome/index.htm

AeroclocksA commercial site about Aviation clocks and propellers (WW1) Have a look at the propellers and links sections http://www.aeroclocks.com/ cks.com/

AerovintageAERO VINTAGE BOOKS Offering vintage aircraft information and a selection of fine aviation historical books Welcome to the home page of Aero Vintage Books. We offer a selection of high quality, well-researched books about different aspects of aviation http://www.aerovintage.com/index.html

Airshow trip (Wagner)The right place if you want travel the best way to all airshows in Europe. Book your seat ! http://www.wagner.be.tf/

Criquet AviationOne of our contact who build a MS Criquet (the French version of the Storch) http://www.criquetaviation.com/

Philippes's ModelsThis site is devoted to the WWI aircraft and tank models. Foreword Here, you'll find pictures of my tank, softskin and aircraft models. How I make them

VOUGHT AIRCRAFT LINE DRAWINGSThe following are the line drawings we have available at this time. http://www.voughtaircraft.com/heritage/html/down.html

Junkers F-13 in BelgiumA page dedicated to Belgian Junkers F-13 modified by Sabca http://www.ju-f13.de/Land/belgien/belgien.html

Les Amis de la Flottille 14F A Site dedicated to the 14F squadron of the French Navy. Containing some aircraft drawings by Hergé http://remysonny3.free.fr/Les_Amis.htm

The AerodromeThe history of Aces and aircraft of World War one http://www.theaerodrome.com/

SkycontrolSkycontrol, the International Aviation News magazine which is a byword for innovation, daring, creativity, growth and passion

Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht (SKHV)De Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht (SKHV) is in 1969 opgericht door een groep voormalige jachtvliegers van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht en Koninklijke Marine. Met toestemming van de toenmalige commandant werd op de vliegbasis Gilze-Rijen een hangaar gebouwd waarin een Harvard en een Piper Super Cub zijn gerestaureerd. Doel was het starten van een voortgezette opleiding van sportvliegers. In de jaren die volgden zijn verschillende historische vliegtuigen aan de vloot toegevoegd, met zorg gerestaureerd en in luchtwaardige conditie gebracht. Vanaf 1976 legt de SKHV zich toe op het in luchtwaardige staat brengen en houden van propellervliegtuigen die in het verleden in gebruik zijn geweest bij de Koninklijke Luchtmacht.http://www.skhv.nl/frameset.html

Prague International film festivalWe are currently preparing the third International Aviation Film Festival for you. All information about the third International Aviation Film Festival can be found on this web page soon. The IAFF Prague 2004 is a cine-meeting designated …. http://www.leteckefilmy.cz/2004/index.asp?page=&menu=37&lang=EN

Wooden Propeller A site dedicated to the preservation of early wooden propellers. Are you trying to identify a vintage wooden airplane propeller? Start here, then go to our Wooden Propeller Forum and post your question.. Wooden display propellers have rapidly become the most collectible item of aviation memorabilia. This site is committed to the exchange of information about wooden aircraft propellers in general, with emphasis on WWI and earlier antique propellers http://www.woodenpropeller.com/

http://www.web-birds.com/main.htm by Giulio Gobbi

Stormo : The Model and History Magazine of the Regia Aeronautica and ANRhttp://www.stormomagazine.com/FiatCR42VignadiValle.html

Freedom is not Free Allied WWII Casualties in The Netherlands Remembered http://www.basher82.nl/

Les sites V1 du Nord de la France

http://www.skystef.be/Belgian-airlines.htm a site containing information about defunct belgian airlines



Traditions des escadrilles de l'Armée de l'Air



CNES, Centre National d'Etudes spatiales scale model (Ariane V) 

Fiat CR 42 simulation 

Dassault MD.450 Ouragan 

Le Conservatoire de l'Air et de l'Espace d'Aquitaine 

Arizona aircraft replica 

Gordon Bennett race 

DH88 Comet  

Belgrade Aviation Museum 

Brian Cocks rare and secondhand aviation books 

Chandelle a journal of aviation history