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Rubber Floor Rolls

rubber floor rolls
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rubber floor rolls - Rubber-Cal Composite
Rubber-Cal Composite Rib Corrugated Rubber Floor Mats, 3mm Thick x 3ft x 6ft Roll
Rubber-Cal Composite Rib Corrugated Rubber Floor Mats, 3mm Thick x 3ft x 6ft Roll
Rubber-Cal's Composite Rib Corrugated Rubber is a 3mm thick virgin rolled rubber mat and runner that is available in either a 36 inch or a 48 inch width that offers excellent traction with finer grooves and more protrusions, ribs and ridges. The surface pattern (which combines both finer and wider ribs) is more prone to scraping and cleaning debris and liquids from heavy foot traffic while maximizing the amount of dirt and moisture trapped. Composite Rib Corrugated Rubber is designed for light to medium foot traffic where traction and increased safety is needed and performs especially well in transient or temporary applications (e.g. wet aisle ways, catered parties, temporary walkways, etc...). The fabric base-finish adds subsurface traction, keeping the runners bottom surface secure to the floor. Since this product is made from virgin SBR and it creates a completely watertight surface, offers moderate chemical resistance, and can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) is not recommended. The lengthwise running corrugations inherently direct foot traffic as well as maintain a level of safety that is unmatchable by other runner products.

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My vintage mens beavertail smooth rubber wetsuit fully dressed.
My vintage mens beavertail smooth rubber wetsuit fully dressed.
Here I'm fully dressed from head to toe in my mens vintage smooth rubber beavertail wet suit. The pants are farmer john style. The top is a beavertail jacket with a flap that tucks between your legs and fastens to the jacket with twist closures. There is a vintage lead weight belt around my waist and smooth rubber booties are on my feet. The hood is also smooth rubber and the mask is a US Divers Aqua-Lung Wrap Around 3 window mask. A Vintage depth gauge is on my left wrist.
Vintage Petal Bathing Cap and Rubber Wetsuit
Vintage Petal Bathing Cap and Rubber Wetsuit
Young lady poses in a triathlon smooth-skin rubber wetsuit and vintage pink petal rubber bathing cap.

rubber floor rolls
rubber floor rolls
Rubber-Cal Rubber Anti-Vibration Mat - 1/4" x 4ft Wide x 3ft Long - Black Washing Machine Vibration Mat
Rubber-Cal's recycled rolled rubber mat and flooring option that is available in 2 gauges: a 1/4 inch thick and a 3/8 inch thick. This flooring option is perfect for a variety of floor protection applications. Because the material is domestically made with 100% recycled rubber, this mat is both socially and ecologically responsible. This product is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications due to high contents of EPDM (i.e., a UV/Ozone resistant elastomer) found in the recycled tire rubber. Recycled rubber is a superior material for reducing noise, containing vibration, and absorbing shock from workout equipment. This washing machine vibration mat is specifically manufactured for durability and is designed for both residential and commercial applications often exposed to heavy foot traffic. Moreover, the space-age polyurethane based binder used during the manufacturing process enhances rubber's natural anti-fatigue qualities. Each mat is fabricated from thousands of rubber granules and offers superior underfoot comfort and support along with a resilient cushioning for the shock of running, exercising, walking and standing. One of the biggest concerns commonly associated with antivibration rubber matting is its installation. However, this floor protector mat weighs roughly 50lbs in a 4ft x 10ft roll and generally lies flat under its own weight; therefore there is no need for permanent adhesives.

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