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Polk Audio Floor Speakers

polk audio floor speakers
    polk audio
  • Polk Audio is a manufacturer of audio products best known for their home and automobile speakers. The company also produces a wide range of other audio products such as amplifiers and FM tuners. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and in 2006, was acquired by Directed Electronics.
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polk audio floor speakers - Polk Audio
Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)
Polk Audio TSi500 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)
The Polk Audio TSi500 floorstanding Speaker is the flagship of the TSi series. With four 6.5-inch drivers, it has the power handling and bass response to sound spectacular. Pair them up with a CS20 center, TSi200's for surrounds and a PSW series subwoofer and you'll have one incredible sounding home theater system! This speaker is awesome for high impact movies and music. Its affordable price and small footprint means they can be used as the front channels in a home theater system or as the main speakers in a music system. For home theater, pair it up with some TSi100's or OWM3's for surrounds, CS10 center and PSW series subwoofer and you'll have a spectacular sounding system! The new TSi Series is a quality-built, affordable line of high performance loudspeakers for music and home theater. The TSi Series boasts a stylish look that complements today’s flat screen technology, with wood grain finishes, piano black top plates and pewter trim rings. Built for value and sound quality, the TSi Series is a great introduction to high performance sound.

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My Bedroom/Office
My Bedroom/Office
The room is about 10ft x 11ft I have my desk in the center of the room. Bed is to the right of my desk. The giant empty spot on the wall is for my projector. To use the projector I have to remove the monitors and iMac from my desk, but its not an issue. I only use it really when I watch a movie or something. Also the speakers I have are two Polk RT800i Floor Speakers, powered by a Yamaha 2.1 receiver. 80w rms per side. And a JL Audio 12in 200w rms powered sub, as well as a BIC America V1220 12in 200w rms powered sub (Just bought it, not in the photo) iMac is for work. I am an At Home Apple iOS AppleCare Advisor. The iPod Touch is for work as well. My desktop is a i7 2.8ghz @ 3.8ghz 10gb DDR3 1600 GTX 260 2x 1TB HDD 2x 500GB HDD 1x 400GB HDD External Drives 2x 1.5TB HDD 1x 200GB HDD 1x 500GB HDD Center monitor is a 23in 1920x1080 screen Right monitor is a 22in 1920x1080 screen. I also have a 10.1in Lenovo s-10 netbook. 2GB ram, 500gb 7200rpm HDD 6cell batt Windows 7 Ultimate I really do need a larger desk, but with my currentl living situation it wouldnt work. But Ive managed to fit a ton of things into a very small space. The desk is from Ikea, the chair is a Serta. I currently use Synergy to share my mouse and keyboard with the iMac
Basement Remodel - Day 26
Basement Remodel - Day 26
Ok, so these photos are a couple days late, but I've been busy. There's not much more to report since the contractors are almost completely done. They've been waiting on our granite counter-top for the bar sink to arrive. I did get a chance to put up my surround speakers. I hooked up my A/V receiver too and tested everything out. Unfortunately, no furniture means sitting on the floor to watch anything for an extended period of time. The 7.1 surround system sounded incredibly good, however... we did end up watching a recorded episode of "LOST" on the new TV over the weekend. Monday morning I had to disconned the receiver and remove it from the cabinet so they can finish the work this week. Left to do: - Install screen/storm door. - Install counter-top/sink. - Install shelves into a/v cabinet. - Paint touch-up. - One last polyurethane coat on a/v cabinet. - Staining of the bar sink cabinet and door. They are supposed to be done and gone on Friday!

polk audio floor speakers
polk audio floor speakers
Polk Audio Monitor 50 AM5025-A 2-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Black)
The name Monitor? is special to Polk Audio. The original Polk Audio Monitor Series, produced in the mid-1970s, ushered in the modern loudspeaker era by setting the standard for performance and value. The original Monitor Series is the line that made Polk Audio famous with its simple, sturdy construction, clear, accurate sound, powerful bass and superior imaging all at a price that made great sound available to everyone. The newly reborn Monitor Series is classic Polk: a quality-built, affordable line of high performance loudspeakers for music and home theater. They are highly efficient, so they can be driven easily by unpretentious receivers, and they are voice matched for lifelike surround sound environments. The Monitor Series boasts a stylish look that complements todaya€™s flat screen technology, with wood grain finishes and modern Titanium faces, and beefy stabilizer feet on the tower models. Built for speed, sound quality and value, the Monitor Series is a great introduction to high performance sound.

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