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Chloothamnus elatus (Holttum) Widjaja

Chloothamnus elatus (BS-0245):
Apex of a culm-leaf in a young shoot, few weeks old (left);
apex of a culm-leaf in a young shoot, several months old (right)

  • Synonym: Nastus elatus Holttum.
  • Thai name: ไผ่รวกปาปัว (phai ruak papua).
  • English name: New Guinea Sweet Shoot Bamboo.
  • Distribution: PAPUA NEW GUINEA: throughout the highlands, common.
  • Culm size: Height 15 - 20 m, diameter 7.5 - 10 cm.
  • Description: "... Rhizomes short; pachymorph. Culms erect; 1500–2000 cm long; woody. Culm-internodes terete; 30–45 cm long. Lateral branches dendroid. Branch complement many. Culm-sheaths smooth. Culm-sheath ligule 1.5 mm high; ciliolate. Culm-sheath blade lanceolate; erect, or reflexed; 22 cm long; 42 mm wide. Leaves 5–6 per branch. Ligule an eciliate membrane. Leaf-blade base with a brief petiole-like connection to sheath. Leaf-blades linear; 8–16 cm long; 4–8 mm wide. Leaf-blade apex acuminate. ... [flowers and seeds described]." — Kew GrassBase.
  • Images: Photos in YellowSeedBamboo (habit, culms, shoot); EarthCare (foliage); Quindembo (habit, culms, shoot)
  • Uses: Shoots for food, can be eaten raw; plants as garden ornamentals.
  • Cultivation requirements: Vigorously growing, in part shade to full sun, sandy loam, normal moisture-retentive with very good drainage. Does not tolerate water-logged soil; does not grow well in pots.
  • Specimens: BS-0245 (living plant), received as "Nastus elatus" from cultivated stock from the USA in 2009.
  • Characters: Culms erect, top bending or drooping; culm internodes bright green when young, walls very thin; branches many, subequal, branching intravaginal; culm sheaths 1/2 to 3/4 as long as internode, copiously covered with white wax when young; foliage leaf blades mid-green to light green.