Schizostachyum zollingeri

Schizostachyum zollingeri Steud.

Schizostachyum zollingeri (BS-0315):
Shoot apex (left) and young culm sheath (right)

  • Synonym: Melocanna zollingeri (Steud.) Kurz ex Munro.
  • Thai names: ไผ่เมี่ยงไฟ (phai miang fai) (Nakhon Si Thammarat); ไผ่กาบแดง (phai kap daeng) (Nakhon Si Thammarat); โป (po) (Nakhon Si Thammarat); Ref.: — ไผ่เกรียบ (phai kriab). Malay name: Buloh telor.
  • Distribution: THAILAND (South): Krabi, Phuket, Phang Nga, Surat Thani; MALAYSIA: throughout Peninsula; Borneo; SINGAPORE; INDONESIA: Sumatra, Java; LAOS; VIETNAM. Grows in evergreen rain forest, common in secondary forest, disturbed mixed forest, forest edges and clearings; at low elevations.
  • Culm size: Height 15 - 20 m, dia­meter 8 - 10 cm.
  • Descriptions:
    (1) "Culms up to 15 m. tall by 10 cm. thick, stiffly erect except for the drooping tip; culm-sheaths up to 15 cm. tall, with appressed shining dark brown hairs on the back; blade rigid, erect, stiff-pointed, purplish when young, very broad, usually 9 x 9 cm., pale-hairy on the upper surface; auricles 7 mm. high, spreading laterally on each side beyond the top of the sheath, carrying very close-curved bristles; ligule 4 mm. deep edge smooth or very shortly-fringed; leaf-blade up to 40 x 6.5 cm., slightly hairy on the lower surface; stalk broad, about 5 mm. long; sheath hairy when young; auricles well-developed, bristly; ligule short. ... [flowers described]." — H. B. Gilliland, Revised Flora of Malaya, vol. 3, 1971: p. 41 [#1039].
    (2) Abd. Razak Othman in S. Dransfield & E. A. Widjaja (editors), Plant Resources of South-East Asia No. 7, Bamboos, 1995: p. 142-145, fig. [#1226].
    (3) K. M. Wong, Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia, 1995: p. 179-180, fig. 106 [#1210].
    (4) Kew GrassBase.
  • Images: Photos in Bamboo​; photos from database of  (habit, shoots).
  • Uses: Culms for basketry, woven mats, and handicrafts; culm sections as cooking vessel; plants as garden ornamentals and for landscaping.
  • Cultivation requirements: Easy growing; preferably in light shade, grows well in heavy moist soil.
  • Specimens: BS-0315 [E2] (living plants), southern Thailand, without precise locality, coll. by C. S. #3012, received as "Cephalostachyum sp.", 7 Nov. 2009.
  • Characters: Culms erect, tips pendulous; young shoots emerge April - October. Culm internodes up to 70 (100?) cm long, scattered with very short appressed white hairs, thin-walled. Branches many, subequal. Culm leaves persistent. Culm leaf sheath orange-brown when young, densely covered with dark brown to black hairs.
  • Specimens: BS-0492 [R06] (living plant), Australia, cult., 7 June 2010.
  • Characters: (1) Currently, culms ca. 10 m tall by 3.6 cm in diameter; culm-internodes 43–48 cm long. Inflorescences terminating leafy branches. Otherwise as in BS-0315. — (2) Culm size dimensions: Basal culm 0.13 m above ground, 2nd internode, culm diameter 3.50 cm, wall thickness 0.50 cm, lumen width 2.50 cm; lower culm 1.15 m above ground, 6th internode, diameter 3.60 cm, wall 0.40 cm, lumen 2.80 cm; mid-culm 3.60 m above ground, diameter 3.20 cm, wall 0.25 cm, lumen 2.70 cm; upper culm 6.30 m above ground, diameter 1.30 cm, wall 0.15 cm, lumen 1.00 cm; culm broken off at 8.00 m above ground, apex supposedly at ca. 10 m.
  • Flowering and seeding: Compilation of Bamboo Seeds: BS-0492.
  • Comments: The plant was sporadically flowering, which perhaps started in early 2016. The flowering was first detected on 24 May 2016 when the flowering branches were already decaying. Further flowering branches in a late stage of development were detected 15 Jan. 2017. Not a single seed was found, no seedlings were found on the ground. The sporadic flowering has not caused any harm to the plant (27 Apr. 2017).
  • Specimens: BS-0533 [BBG] (living plant), Phuket, coll. C. S. #3033, as "Gigantochloa sp.", 26 May 2010.
  • Specimens: BS-0540 [BBG] (living plants), เขาพระ (Khao Phra), Songkhla Province ["Kha Phra, Satun", in err.], southern Thailand, coll. C. S. #3042, 30 May 2010; BS-0544 [S4] (living plants), same loc., coll. C. S. #3046, 30 May 2010.
  • Characters: Culms erect, bending above. Young shoots emerging September - October. Culm internodes with short appressed caducous whitish hairs when young, glabrous and smooth when old, mid-green when young, light brownish green when old, thick-walled or moderately thick-walled. Culm nodes not prominent, with a white ring below nodes when young, nodes on branches somewhat prominent. Branches many, subequal (no dominant branch), branching infravaginal and extravaginal. Culm leaves deciduous, short, sheath with blade less than half length of internode. Culm leaf sheath with some dark hairs, or without hairs, margins ciliate; culm leaf auricles large, with white, twisted bristles; culm leaf ligule low; culm leaf blade erect, lanceolate. Foliage leaves: Foliage leaf sheath green, slightly pale hairy, apex purplish; foliage leaf auricles small, with many long white erect bristles; foliage leaf ligule bristly; foliage leaf blades medium-sized.