Bambusa oliveriana

Bambusa oliveriana Gamble

Line drawing of culm
sheath (upper section)
of Bambusa oliveriana,
in J. S. Gamble,
Bambuseae Brit. India,
1896: pl. 116.

  • Thai names: ไผ่หอบ (phai hop) (Northern); ไผ่หางช้าง (phai hang chang) (Northern); Ref.: Myanmar name: wa-pyu-san (Burmese).
  • Distribution: THAILAND (North): wild in mixed deciduous forest and dry evergreen forest, and planted (S. Sungkaew & al., 2008: 10); MYANMAR, at 300 - 700 m altitude.
  • Culm size: Height 13 - 15 m, diameter 2.5 - 5 cm.
  • Descriptions:
    (1) "A pretty, moderate sized, tufted bamboo. Culms 13-15 m high, 2.5-5 cm in diameter, glossy green; walls thick; internodes about 35 cm long; branches many from the base upwards. Culm-sheaths 20-25 cm long and 10-13 cm broad, pale, glabrous on both sides or hirsute on the back when young; ligule 2-3 mm high, serrate; auricles fringed; blade 10-20 cm long and 5-8 cm broad, triangular-lanceolate, cordate at the base, covered on both sides with scattered stiff brown hairs. Young shoots columnar, sheath green with membranous margin, blade brown, apex pointed; auricles brown. Leaves 10-18 cm long and 1-1.5 cm broad, linear, ending in a long twisted needle-like point; attenuated or rounded at base into 3-4 mm long petiole, glabrous, scabrous on the margins; leaf-sheath glabrous, striate, callus emarginate, ligule long. …" — K. K. Seethalakshmi & M. S. Muktesh Kumar, Bamboos of India, INBAR, 1998: p. 66 [#1062].
    (2) J. S. Gamble, Bambuseae Brit. India, 1896: 130 [#1230]. (3) Kew GrassBase.
  • Images: Photos in (habit, shoot).
  • Uses: Culms for construction; plants for screening.
  • Comments: Flowers known.
  • Specimens: BS-0487 [W4] (living plant), received from cultivated stock from Australia, June 2010.
  • Characters: Rhizome pachymorph, short. Culms straight erect or bending. Culm internodes glossy green, thick-walled. Culm leaves deciduous; culm leaf sheaths farinose when young; culm leaf ligule short, entire; culm leaf auricles unequal, with oral setae; culm leaf blade early caducous. Branches from basal culm up. Foliage leaf blades small.
  • Comments: The identity of this clone has not yet been confirmed.

Photos of culms, culm sheath, habit of mature plant, by สวนกิ่งไผ่ หน่อไม้หวาน (suan king phai no mai wan) in facebook, 5 Oct. 2015:
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