Wooden floor laying. Let the bodies hit the floor benny hinn. Dance floor wallpaper

Wooden Floor Laying

wooden floor laying
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At last ! ......
At last ! ......
We have a new lounge floor ! We had a leaking radiator you may remember, way back when, which caused our wooden floor to swell and rise up. We had to have it replaced but it has been a long saga ! The first floor firm the insurance company picked went bust, so we had to start all over again .... :o(( We've gone with a high grade oak laminate (veneer) this time as it was easier to lay and meant we didn't need to endure the days of sanding, staining and varnishing ! Now we are left with an empty, echoing room until the decorator comes in the middle of next week. It should look very smart after all that ! I have wifi problems .... again ! .... on my lap top so I am having to share the ethernet connection with DH. Never ideal to share your toys !!! ;o((( So I'm not sure how often I'll be on line until it's fixed. I've done all the things I know how to, so must wait to talk to my computer trouble-shooter ... a.k.a. Andrew ..... in Australia tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a speedy solution please !!
Day 170 - Laminate me
Day 170 - Laminate me
This week has all been about one thing - laminate floor. I'm laying new floor in the hall kitchen and living room. Last night I completed the lounge. Woo! It's hard work though all this sawing and physical effort. Pah! I'm just looking forward to it all being complete.

wooden floor laying
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