Garage Floor Epoxy Finish : Dancefloor Cascada.

Garage Floor Epoxy Finish

garage floor epoxy finish
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garage floor epoxy finish - Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue 4200101 Epoxy 25 ml Syringe
Gorilla Glue 4200101 Epoxy 25 ml Syringe
Sets in 5 minutes
Gap filling and drillable
Special impact-resistant formula
Water and solvent resistant
Reusable syringe
Gorilla Epoxy's two-part formula provides high impact resistance strength to handle the toughest projects. The easy-to-use reusable syringe dispenses equal amounts of resin and hardener. Plus, it's fast! Gorilla Epoxy sets in 5 minutes and can be handled in 90 minutes. Low VOC and non-toxic once cured, Gorilla Epoxy is safe for everyday handling. It's gap-filling capabilities and all purpose formula is perfect for multiple surface applications, easily bonding steel, wood, aluminum, stone, glass, brick, concrete, ceramics and much more.

75% (9)
Seven Kings Garage RM2116
Seven Kings Garage RM2116
RM2116 had just come in off of service, washed and fueled. This is the rear of the garage. To the right is the Great Eastern Rly.
finished garage
finished garage
drywalled the garage, epoxy on the floor and flat white wall. Looks clean and new for a 50 year old house.

garage floor epoxy finish
garage floor epoxy finish
Elmer's E1009 1-Ounce Superfast Epoxy Cement
Elmers E1009 Super Fast EpoxyFor indoor or outdoor applications where you need a fast, rigid bond. Perfect for use on most plastics, woods and metals. Two-part formula with hardener provides a fast 5 minute set time that reaches full strength between 12-24 hours. For an even stronger bond, use in conjunction with Household Cement.Elmers E1009 Super Fast Epoxy Features:; Epoxy cement; Fast curing and rigid, strong bond; Adheres to plastic, metal, and wood; No shrinking; Indoor and outdoor use; Solvent free; No VOC's; Dries Amber; 5 minute set time; 1 hour cure time

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