Rubber Kitchen Flooring

rubber kitchen flooring
  • building material used in laying floors
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rubber kitchen flooring - Rubber-Cal Dura-Chef
Rubber-Cal Dura-Chef Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat - 5/8inchx3ftx3ft - Black Anti Slip Mat
Rubber-Cal Dura-Chef Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat - 5/8inchx3ftx3ft - Black Anti Slip Mat
Rubber-Cal's Dura-Chef Interlock is a 5/8 inch thick 3ft x 3ft natural rubber anti-fatigue drainage mat that is available in 2 colors: a general purpose black and a grease resistant red (i.e. natural rubber blended with nitrile) and is perfect for the medium duty commercial kitchen areas and areas requiring a comfortable anti-fatigue mat. Being that this mat is made from natural rubber, this is an ecologically responsible product. Natural rubber is an extremely comfortable and supple material and offers superior anti-fatigue underfoot comfort and support to make long hours of walking, working, and standing far more comfortable. The resilience of the natural rubber also provides protection to parts and equipment that may be dropped on the floor. This mat is designed and manufactured for its durability and comfort. Additionally, this mat has large holes to provide excellent drainage and allowing liquids, greases, oils, and debris to pass through leaving the top surface clear of hazards thus increasing safety. The high coefficient of friction (i.e. slip resistance) found in natural rubber maintains excellent traction even when the mat is wet. At 5/8 inch thick these drainage mats are designed for heavy-duty applications like commercial kitchens, coffee shops, bars, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. This mat weighs roughly 20lbs and stays down under its own weight and still light enough to remove it when cleaning is necessary. This mat has interconnecting sides and you can also add a rubber connector allowing you to easily cover any area with the eco-friendly, extremely durable anti-fatigue kitchen drainage mat.

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kitchen cabinets are ordered!
kitchen cabinets are ordered!
*photo from the cabinet distributor showroom we finally placed our order for kitchen cabinets today. we're going with the black ones you see to the bottom left. it was a toss up between white or black but felt that in the end, black popped against our pear colored walls better. they had a nice red, blues, silver and gold too but i think we made the right decision. my main concern is of course....fingerprints but i guess i can make my nieces clean them for me when they come over. haha. i'm going tuesday to select my handles because the ones i wanted are discontinued. boo. but wanted to share the excitement first as they will begin installing next wed or thurs! once that's done, we can get the concrete-like floor tiles put in as well as the 2nd story laminate wood flooring. i may go back to this place and order the blue cabinets for my master bath vanity. blue against my orange's hawt. trust me. damn, i still need to get my rubber stair treads! so much to do next week! and look for new photos on flickr then of the kitchen progress. :D
Maybe Someday I'll Be A Teacher Too
Maybe Someday I'll Be A Teacher Too
Even by the back of his head....I am sure you can all tell this is my little nephew, Marcus. This seems to be one of his favorite places to "escape......he gets blocked in the living room so he cannot get into things. Almost everything is "baby proofed".......but right beside where he is standing in the kitchen is the open basement door. The door has to stay open so their three cats can go down into the basement to use the litterbox..... His little "feetie jammies" have rubber on the bottom so it is easy for him to stand and not slide on the slippery kitchen floor. He knows he has "escaped".....from his little play area...which by the way looks like a kiddy playground. If I were a "1" year old......I'd never leave it looks so much fun !!! He has a lot of "learning" can tell Kelly is a teacher.

rubber kitchen flooring
rubber kitchen flooring
Rubber-Cal Super-Grip Scraper, A Non-Slip Traction Mat - 5mm Thick x 4ft x 8ft Rubber Mats
Rubber-Cal's Super-Grip Scraper is a 5mm thick virgin and recycled rolled rubber mat that provides the best traction due to the hard pyramid style protrusions. The surface pattern is designed to maintain traction regardless of debris and liquids present keeping foot traffic safe while maximizing the ease of cleaning and comfort. Super-Grip Scraper is designed for heavy foot traffic where traction and increased safety is needed and performs especially well in applications containing snow, ice, sleet, wet or damp areas (e.g. ramps, inclines, temporary walkways, etc...). The fabric base-finish adds subsurface traction, keeping the runners bottom surface secure to the floor. Since this product is made from virgin SBR and it creates a completely watertight surface, offers moderate chemical resistance, and can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) is not recommended. A simple and easy installation with Orcon's DS-PS double-sided tape makes for an easy DIY project that will result in a safer or comfortable entranceway for everyone.

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