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Floor Plans Log Cabin

floor plans log cabin
    floor plans
  • (floor plan) scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation
  • (Floor planning) Floorplanning is the act of designing of a floorplan, which is a kind of bird's-eye view of a structure.
  • A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building
  • In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan, or floorplan, is a diagram, usually to scale, showing the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure.
    log cabin
  • a cabin built with logs
  • A log cabin is a small house built from logs. It is a fairly simple type of log house. A distinction should be drawn between the traditional meanings of "log cabin" and "log house.
  • The Log Cabin at present-day 805 Hancock Street in Bellevue, Nebraska was built in the 1830s, and is commonly acknowledged as the oldest building in Nebraska.
floor plans log cabin - The Classic
The Classic Hewn-Log House: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Restoring
The Classic Hewn-Log House: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Restoring
Nothing captures the romance of country life quite like a log cabin does — trees cut from the thick woods of the wilderness; hewn by hand into squared-off logs; then stacked to create a sturdy shelter, a warm hearth, a welcoming home. Author Charles McRaven knows these traditional structures from the inside out, and from the outside in. He restored his first log house in 1946, at the age of eleven. Since then he has built and restored hewn-log houses all over the country, and is considered the nation’s foremost authority on the topic.

McRaven covers everything from hewing the first log to laying the last chimney stone. Readers will first learn about the history and background of these houses. McRaven then dives deep into describing the details of hewn-log construction, beginning with site selection all the way through to the finishing steps such as plumbing and utilities. Clear, how-to line illustrations accompany the text throughout. A fullcolor gallery of finished structures shows that, durable though they are, hewn-log houses are also warm, inviting, and artful homes.

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Log Cabin Quilt
Log Cabin Quilt
Pattern: Log Cabin from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts Size: King Fabrics: Two tones of Denim and a flannel Back First Quilt attempted..why I had to try a King i don't know.
Log Cabin
Log Cabin
A real log cabin being built at Nairnside, near Inverness.

floor plans log cabin
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