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Commercial Tile Flooring

commercial tile flooring
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commercial tile flooring - F.I.T. Anti-Fatigue
F.I.T. Anti-Fatigue Mat Tiles/Ergonomic Flooring - Black
F.I.T. Anti-Fatigue Mat Tiles/Ergonomic Flooring - Black
WEARWELL F.I.T. Anti-Fatigue Mat Tiles offer easy installation—simply snap tiles together to create a custom configuration.Innovative angular interlocking system provides a strong connection. Mats can be rolled up for cleaning, moving or storage without coming apart. Ergonomic design reduces standing fatigue and stress of heel strike when walking. Tiles can be cut every 3" and still interlock. Easily unsnap for repositioning. 40% post-consumer PVC construction. 5/8" thick 12x12" interlocking tiles. Four surface designs to choose from. Optional ramps to fit male or female edges sold separately.NOTE: (A) drainage tile shown with ramps, sold separately; (B) solid tile shown with ramps, sold separately.

78% (14)
Commercial Gym Floor 2
Commercial Gym Floor 2
TilePlans PVC Interlocking Floor tiles are installed rapidly. Transform your image with minimum disruption to your business and reap the ongoing reward of a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. There are also health and safety benefits, of particular interest for gym flooring: Resist oil and most chemicals; Reduce Vibration and Sound; Possess flame retardant qualities; Reduce the chances of slips and trips.
Metallurgy Rubber Tile Flooring
Metallurgy Rubber Tile Flooring
Metallurgy is rubber flooring, so it's naturally slip resistant. It features shock absorbing qualities and natural acoustic properties. It's also a truly sustainable product with a long life cycle and low maintenance requirement. Over time, rubber flooring offers greater resource efficiency than many other materials. Pictured: Antique Metal (WGL), Venetian Gold (AGM), Vintage Copper (CPM), and Mahogany Glaze (BRD)

commercial tile flooring
commercial tile flooring
WEARWELL ErgoDeck Modular Mat Tiles/Ergonomic Flooring - Black
WEARWELL ErgoDeck Modular Mat Tiles/Ergonomic Flooring feature tiles that lock together to seamlessly cover large areas or create custom configurations.Ergonomic flooring—a floor above a floor for heavy traffic dry areas. Ideal in dry areas where small parts my fall to the floor. Slightly textured surface with flex-points on the underside. Patented LockSafe interlocking system securely connects tiles. Easy to maintain. 7/8" thick 18x18" interlocking tiles. Choose either heavy-use tiles or SOFT tiles—both are solid. Optional ramp edges and corners sold separately. Single tiles are priced each, case of 10 tiles are priced per case.NOTE: Tiles, ramp edges and corners shown connected as one unit in main photo; all sold separately.NOTE: Single tile; single ramp edge and single corner shown in inset photos.NOTE: Blue mat tiles available, call a Certified Product Specialist for more information.

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