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Concrete Floor Epoxy

concrete floor epoxy
    concrete floor
  • We use 3500 psi concrete with fibermesh reinforcement, vapor barrier, and expansion joints.  We also offer aprons, sidewalks, and other concrete you need poured while the truck is there.
  • a thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates
  • Epoxy or polyepoxide is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide "resin" with polyamine "hardener". Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including fiber-reinforced plastic materials and general purpose adhesives.
  • Consisting of or denoting such a material
  • glue with epoxy; "epoxy the shards"

plancher de béton SANS EPOXY
plancher de béton SANS EPOXY
Plancher de beton poli SANS EPOXY AtelierB Montreal Frederic Tremblay 514-967-2386
Epoxy Floor System Colored Quartz
Epoxy Floor System Colored Quartz
After the Broadcasting of the Colored Quartz Prior to the final Epoxy coating.

concrete floor epoxy
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