Shades Of Light Lamp Candles

shades of light lamp candles
    shades of
  • Shades Of is the first album by funeral doom band Shape of Despair. Unlike their other albums, it has a mainly solid guitar sound all the way through that is constantly played. Their more recent releases, for example Illusion's Play have more ambience.
  • something that reminds you of someone or something; "aren't there shades of 1948 here?"
  • A unit of luminous intensity, superseded by the candela
  • A cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick that is lit to produce light as it burns
  • (candle) stick of wax with a wick in the middle
  • (candle) the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees Kelvin
  • (candle) examine eggs for freshness by holding them against a light
  • lightly: with few burdens; "experienced travellers travel light"
  • Switch on (an electric light)
  • Provide with light or lighting; illuminate
  • Become illuminated
  • (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"
  • make lighter or brighter; "This lamp lightens the room a bit"
  • An electrical device producing ultraviolet, infrared, or other radiation, used for therapeutic purposes
  • A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel and consisting of a wick or mantle and a glass shade
  • A source of spiritual or intellectual inspiration
  • Lamp is a television and cinema advertisement released in September 2002 to promote the IKEA chain of furniture stores in the United States.
  • an artificial source of visible illumination
  • a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs

This little light of mine.........I'm gonna let it shine.....
This little light of mine.........I'm gonna let it shine.....
Long but awesome history.. Note: this is straight off the camera......look at the 2nd and final The Lighthouse was built in 1872 and towers 117 ft. above sea level. It guided mariners for 61 years and was retired in 1933 when it was replaced by the South Jetty light. It is now privately owned and not open to visitors. A lighthouse which may have been erected by the Republic of Texas was dismantled during the Civil War and plans for the present Bolivar light made after that time. The Bolivar lighthouse is of brick sheathed in cast iron plates riveted together. It once glistened with a white-and-black banded exterior, but now is covered with rust and is almost a uniform black. The 52,000 candle-power beacon guided ships through the channel, which in earlier years was undredged, safely from the Gulf of Mexico into the Port of Galveston. The burner of the lamp was fed by kerosene, contained in storage tanks on the lower level, and the kerosene was forced through nozzles into a mantle where it became gas, burning with great intensity. Eight rays of light were produced every 15 seconds as the lamp slowly revolved throughout the night. Inside the lighthouse the brass finishings always were kept brilliantly polished, and it was considered one of the most attractive and efficient lighthouses on the Texas Gulf Coast. From Mrs H. C. Claiborne, wife of the first lighthouse keeper: "Life at the lighthouse is very lonely and friendless. There is very little visiting because travel is non-existent from the point to Galveston. We pass most of our time by reading books." click for larger view The lighthouse withstood the onslaught of two of the worst storms recorded on the Texas Gulf Coast, the 1900 and the 1915 hurricanes. An inspector's report said after the 1900 storm - which claimed an estimated 6000 lives on Galveston Island - that, "through the keeper's efforts, the lives of 125 people were saved, and to my personal knowledge, he harbored and fed a large number of them for a considerable period". At one point during the storm, according to the story of one historian, the hurricane winds caused the tower to sway so badly that the machinery for the light failed to work, and that night Claiborne rotated the machinery by hand to keep the beacon bright. Winds of 126 miles per hour were recorded in the 1915 hurricane, and still the lighthouse withstood the pounding of wind and wave. The light in the tower burned every night during the years of it's service except two nights of that storm, Aug 17 and 18, when the supply of oil used to light the lamps floated away after the surging waters of an 11-foot tide burst open the door at the base of the tower. Sixty-one people took refuge in the lighthouse during that storm, huddling on the iron steps during the night as winds rocked the tower, and peering out the windows during the daylight to see their homes and crops being destroyed. Two houses, on stilts for protection from rising tides, were built near the lighthouse for the lighthouse keeper and his two assistants. H C Claiborne retired and was replaced by Capt J B Brooks in 1918. The government sold the lighthouse as surplus property in 1947.The E W Boyt interests entered a private bid of $5,500 which was $500 higher that the only other bid. On May 29,1933, after 61 years of service, the Bolivar lighthouse was officially retired. The inner mechanisms have been removed. The lamps and reflector lenses have been reassembled in the Galveston County Museum. In 1952, the land and buldings were sold to Pat E. Boyt. in 1968, the movie "My Sweet Charlie". starring Patty Duke and Al Freeman, Jr., was filmed at the lighthouse. No longer painted and maintained, the lighthouse has rusted to a uniform shade of black. It stands, near Highway 87, a visual delight and a symbol of the romance and adventure of long-ago times at sea.
Lampshade - Under The Deep Blue
Lampshade - Under The Deep Blue
This is my entry into the current "Under The Sea,' Challenge of the PCAGOE. It is a lampshade for a custom lamp (which my husband has yet to finish - the parts have been more difficult to find than anticipated, but we will persevere!) The lamp shade measures 6" wide by 5.5" tall and 3" deep. The "sea" is made entirely of translucent polymer clay tinted with various shades of alcohol inks and them blended and pieces to achieve the mottled colors. Each of the pieces are made from canes (the fish and sea plants) ore other shades of clay colored or blended as I went along. i used embossing powders for the crusty look on the stuff on the bottom, and used pigment inks to even out colors where needed. There are a couple of candles burning inside the shade, which accounts for the white-ish streaks and the subtle glow. A 40W light bulb will be used in the lamp, which is for our grandsons' bedroom nightlight.

shades of light lamp candles
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