Canon Xti Shutter Release

canon xti shutter release
    shutter release
  • The mechanism, usually a button on the top of the camera, that activates the shutter to expose the film.
  • The button on a camera that is pressed to make the shutter open
  • The button you press to take the picture. Often half pressing the Shutter Release activates the autofocus, auto exposure and vibration reduction, and a full press is required to actually take the picture.
    canon xti
  • The EOS 400D, called Digital Rebel XTi in North America and EOS Kiss Digital X in Japan, is a mid-range digital single-lens reflex camera introduced by Canon August 24, 2006.
canon xti shutter release - "Aputure" Pro
"Aputure" Pro Coworker Wireless Remote, RF Radio Shutter Release for Canon EOS Digital Rebel t1i, t2i, t3, t3i, xt, xti, xs, xsi 300d, 350d, 400d, 450d, 500d, 550d, 600d, 1000d, 1100d, 60d, Fullly Compatible with Canon RS 60-E3
"Aputure" Pro Coworker Wireless Remote, RF Radio Shutter Release for Canon EOS Digital Rebel t1i, t2i, t3, t3i, xt, xti, xs, xsi 300d, 350d, 400d, 450d, 500d, 550d, 600d, 1000d, 1100d, 60d, Fullly Compatible with Canon RS 60-E3
This Wireless RF (Radio Frequency) Shutter Release Kit enables you to release the shutter in both wireless and wired modes. The system produces a coded radio signal that works indoors, outdoors, around corners even through walls. It has an effective working range of up to 100 ft. RF Kit also provides 16 multi-coded channels, giving the photographer plenty of combinations to work with, without jamming the frequency. To use the RF kit wireless, simply attach the receiver (Blue LED Indicator will blink to indicate receiver is on) to the camera, then use the transmitter to trigger the shutter release. Using the RF kit wired is easily done by attaching the receiver onto the camera, then press the shutter release button located on the receiver. The cord on the receiver is approx. 3ft in length, allowing for ample mobility for photographer positioning. In both wired and wireless modes, press the shutter release halfway to activate auto focus (Red LED indicator will come on to confirm on receiver), then press button fully to take a picture. High quality and durable design make this Wireless RF Shutter Release Kit stand out amongst the competition of inexpensive and mediocre kits. The receiver can be conveniently mounted on top of your camera (You don't have to, if you need to mount the flash)

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Crowe's Shutter Release
Crowe's Shutter Release
Assuming I can remember to take it to work tomorrow, RedCrowe can finally experience the joy of very long exposure night photography. Hopefully, the Canon 40D has the same shutter port as the Canon Rebel XTi. Otherwise, I guess I've got me another shutter release, because quite conveniently, the port is the same as the Pentax DSLR's. I apologize in advance for the shoddy ergonomics, but RadioShack's selection of project boxes is laughable, at best. And for the marring on the enclosure around the Bulb switch... when using a spade bit on a plastic box, higher drill speeds are king, apparently. At low speeds, the bit will walk away from you. Yeah. I also apologize in advance to Superman, and Savage Dave, because even given the shoddy ergonomics of this one, the craftsmanship on this one exceeds yours. My bad.
Gear Up
Gear Up
Follow a man's bank account, and you'll quickly find out what he's into. Apologies for the poor image quality here... I shot this with my point and shoot on a tripod. It's a great camera, but I think the lens was dirty, especially the left side of this image. By the time I realized it, I had already packed up.

canon xti shutter release
canon xti shutter release
Canon RS-60E3 Comaptible LCD Timer Shutter Release Control for Canon Cameras
The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. The buttons can be operated with a single thumb. The LCD panel can be illuminated. The remote has a stylish and ergonomic design. This timer remote cord allows the camera shutter to be released from a distance and prevents the camera from shaking

Two-stage release button: Halfway pressing for auto-focus, complete pressing for taking pictures.
Power source: Two AAA-type batteries (2XAAA Batteries not included)
Battery life: Approximately two months of continuous shooting with a delay of 5 min, an exposure time of 4 min 56 s, and an interval of 5 min.

Compatible with:
Canon (Replacement for RS-60E3)
EOS Digital Rebel
Digital Rebel (aka 300D)
Rebel T1i (aka 500D)
Rebel XT (aka 350D)
Rebel XTi (aka 400D
Rebel XS (aka 1000D & Kiss F)
Rebel XSi (aka 450D & Kiss X2)
EOS Kiss/New Kiss/Kiss 7/Kiss III
Rebel 2000, Rebel G, Rebel G II, Rebel T1, Rebel T2, Rebel T2i
PowerShot G10/G11
Pentax (Replacement for CS-205)
*ist D/DS/DS2/DL/DL2/K10
MZ-6, MZ-L, ZX-L
Hasselblad: H/H1/H2/H2D/H1D
Contax: 645/Nl/Nx/N/N Digital/LA-50
Samsung: GX-20 GX-10 GX-1L GX-1

Model: RS-60E3 Timer Remote Control Cord
Length of cord: 91 cm (3 ft. approx.)
Shutter release button: Dual Stage Button (halfway / complete)

Delay / Self Timer (DELAY)
BULB/Long Exposure (LONG)
Interval Timer (INTVL)
Exposure Count (N)