Outdoor patio shades : Blackout window blinds.

Outdoor Patio Shades

outdoor patio shades
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outdoor patio shades - Radiance Imperial
Radiance Imperial Matchstick Rollup Blind- Willow(30x72")
Radiance Imperial Matchstick Rollup Blind- Willow(30x72")
Dimension: 30"W x 72"L
Finish: Willow
Material: Bamboo and Wood
30"W Window Treatment Roll-Up Blind with Valance in Willow Matchstick Bamboo
Cool light of an early morning sunrise glides across the room, befitting of a Tahitian island.
Elements of natural beauty and grace surround this shade created from premium matchstick bamboo.
Created to fold gently into the classic Roman shade design, this Imperial willow blind allows just enough of the sun's rays to seep into room while providing some privacy.
The 6" built-in valance completes the elegance of this lush shade.
Light filtering provides privacy and energy-efficient insulation qualities.
Each shade measures 1/2" less in width to allow for inside mount installation.
Easily installed in minutes with all necessary hardware included.
Available in 36"W, 48"W, 60"W and 72"W as well.
Also available in natural and fruitwood finish.
Made of hand selected bamboo.
Item is made in China.

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outdoor kitchen 2
outdoor kitchen 2
A ShadeTree Canopy is perfect for this outdoor kitchen. The canopy can be retracted on cloudy or cooler days.
stone patio
stone patio
A ShadeTree Canopy helps to define an outdoor living area while providing flexible shade and beauty.

outdoor patio shades
outdoor patio shades
Coolaroo Designer Window Sun Shade 8 Feet Wide by 6 Feet High, Birch
The Designer Series Sun Shades are woven of a thin elegant fabric that is fashionable for any home’s exterior or interior. The light filtering weave reduces glare without darkening a room’s interior and also protects your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. The Designer shades fabric significantly blocks the suns heat, allows air flow, which allows your home or business to stay cooler, reducing energy costs. This special fabric is resistant to fading, mold and mildew and is easy to keep clean. The smooth action roller clutch mechanism is designed to provide a smooth even roll even when exposed to extreme weather conditions and the stainless steel tie downs are a stylish finish to secure the blind in the down position.