Drapery Rod Parts

drapery rod parts
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drapery rod parts - Moen DN2160CH
Moen DN2160CH Inspirations Curved Shower Rod, Chrome
Moen DN2160CH Inspirations Curved Shower Rod, Chrome
Sold as each. Adjustable curved shower rod adjusts to fit shower enclosures between 54" and 72" with no cutting required. Provides up to 7-1/2" more elbow room in shower. Clean with warm damp cloth. Pivoting flanges provide an easy secure installation on inconsistent or uneven wall. Mounting hardware included. Chrome Finish. Manufacturer number: DN2160CH. Country of origin: China.

Add an elegant sweep to your bathroom style with this curved shower rod in chrome from Moen's CSI Inspirations collection. It fits standard 72 x 72-inch shower curtains and it adjusts to fit showers between 54 and 72 inches wide--no cutting required. Pivoting flanges provide an easy, secure installation on inconsistent or uneven wall surfaces, while decorative covers snap on easily to conceal pivoting flanges and hide holes from previous shower rods. Featuring a strong stainless steel construction, this rod has a weight load capacity of more than 120 pounds.
This shower rod is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against finish defects to the original consumer purchaser. If this product fails due to materials or workmanship at any time during the life of the product, Creative Specialties International, a division of Moen Incorporated, will replace it free of charge, postage paid.
What's in the Box
Curved shower rod; drywall anchors; decorative covers; installation instructions
Curved shower rod
Fits standard 72 x 72-inch shower curtains.Curved shower rod
Available in a number of finishes.

85% (16)
Living Room
Living Room
Here you can see the 52' expanse of curtain. YES 52'! that wasn't the tricky part, the slope ceiling was! I had to custom manufacture spacers for the track to stand off. I am that good... From sofas to ottomen to AWESOME CURTAINS... :)
Dining room swags
Dining room swags
These are on a foam padded 4" continental rod. The hard part was sliding them onto the rod with all the overlaps.

drapery rod parts