Clear plastic awning - Exterior skylight shades

Clear Plastic Awning

clear plastic awning
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Remembering You
Remembering You
Journaling: Look at the two of you. Always smiling.. And you loved posing for the camera... You two were great at swimming.... Both fishes in the water... I loved spending time with you, watching you grow and change. Seeing you laugh and giggle thrilled me to no end....I'm glad I have some pictures to go with my memories of the two of you.... Supplies: (All AMR July Kit or from AMR Store) Rub-ons/K&Co. -Blue Awning PP-Creative Imaginations/Floral Sunshine PP-Autumn Leaves/Foliage Azure PP-Dreamstreet papers/Enchanted-Wish Upon A Star Clear Plastic-Clear decorative rock bag Stickles-Ranger/baby blue
up the stairs
up the stairs
inside the new MFA program building. Part of me likes the colored awnings, part of me thinks they ruined a beautiful, classical thing by adding them. And those obnoxious clear plastic handrail guards.

clear plastic awning