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Ladybug Wall Decorations

ladybug wall decorations
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  • A small beetle with a domed back, typically red or yellow with black spots. Both the adults and larvae are important predators of aphids
  • small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests
  • Lady Bug is a Pac-Man-like maze-based insect-themed arcade game produced by Universal Games and released in 1981.
  • Coccinellidae is a family of beetles, known variously as ladybirds (UK, Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Malta, parts of Canada), or ladybugs (North America).
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Lucky LadyBug
Lucky LadyBug
LUCKY LADYBUG (Crewe / Slay) Billy & Lillie The Four Seasons Guv'ner Vanity Fare Lucky ladybug, lucky ladybug, lucky ladybug (Chorus) Ladybug, Silver Dollar, Rabbit's foot With a four leaf clover and a horseshoe Wishbone, Shamrocks, got me shook Singin' abracadabra in a cat's eye. I wonder wonder if you love me Guess I'll ask the stars above me When the moon is bright canary yellow It'll really be amazin' If that crystal ball a-gazin' Says I'll always be your steady fellow. (Chorus) Though your words are smooth & soothin' Don't you feel it 's time for movin' C'mon daddy rock me while the planet's rollin' Keep it cool my ducky wucky Baby doll our love is lucky When you walk me down the aisle We'll do it strollin'. (Instrumental Break) Stupid cupid gave us fever And an itchy twitchy feelin' And the green mosquito must've bit us Got a sloppin' like two robins Makin' moon talk and bobbin' Like a firefly splishin and a splashin' (Chorus) Lucky ladybug etc. Fade.
Room Decor
Room Decor
Baby's room is getting a little decoration, ladybug style! I decided on watercolor because Dave and I have paranoia about hanging items falling on the baby, or wall stickers peeling off and suffocating the baby. Also, watercolor will come off relatively easily if/when we ever move. The design is based on some Mrs. Grossman stickers that I scanned, enlarged, printed, and traced onto the wall. A little time-consuming, but I got the ladybugs I wanted! I like how their antennae look like puppy ears.

ladybug wall decorations
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