Bundeslang's Place, English Introduction
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Dutch homepage.
English summary of this site (this page).
Information about my songs.
Here you find information about my projects.
My old site. Find some information about the Fruity Loops Music Competition.
Information about the Peoples Remix Competition.
Dutch information page about the Paragua soccer simulation competition.
Hattrick (website)
Simulation program for soccer matches (not by myself). Puntjeland is my team.

Simulation program related to the English Premier League Soccer Competition, playing as Puntjeland.
VG Remix sites.

Latest Update: 26-04-2014
I'm Kevin van Zutphen, some people might better know me as Bundeslang. I'm born on 16 november 1987 in the Netherlands. I create remixes with Frutty Loops. I have a few remixes and some originals. You can find them in the Songs and Stuff page. I'll update that once in a while. 
This site is in dutch, I'll give you an English summary here.
Bundeslang is the coördinator of the Peoples Remix Competition. It's A Remix Competition which has a big history, started in 2004. Every 2 weeks there's a Remix Round. First a source is posted, which must be Remixed. The Remixers have over a week (9 days) to Remix the source. Then voting starts, in two days users can vote for their favorite song. When that's done, the winner will be announced and he/she may select the source for the next source.
Information about the current round can be find in this signature.
Even if the sig is not visible, clicking the icon brings you at the PRC page.
You can also check the PRC page for more information about previous contests.

You can find the Remixes from me in the Songs and Stuff section. Several songs are uploaded over there. I'll update that page once in a while. You can find my best PRC, ORC, FBRC, FLMC and other songs. Check it out.

In the same section I've posted some Projects. They are almost all in dutch. It contains information about Competition, the origins of Bundeslang and several things. Also my Megaman Remix List is there, it was updated for the last time at 15-01-2009. It's a list with all the Megaman Remixes which I've found till that date. Nowadays the list isn't updated anymore.
Find more in the various sections.