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Green Runner Rug

green runner rug
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green runner rug - Notrax 136
Notrax 136 Polynib Hunter Green Entrance Matting (Best) with Vinyl Backing, 3' W x 10' L, For Lobbies and Indoor Entranceways
Notrax 136 Polynib Hunter Green Entrance Matting (Best) with Vinyl Backing, 3' W x 10' L, For Lobbies and Indoor Entranceways
136S0310GN Size: 3' x 10', Color: Hunter Green Features: -Perfect doormat for any entrance. -24 oz. Needle-punched yarn construction. -Low profile allows clearance for most doorways. -Tightly nibbed loop of needle punched yarn entraps. -Hides debris while retaining moisture at the same time. -Provides greater crush resistance for long lasting wear. -Reduce mat movement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the mat. -Luxurious look of Berber-style carpeting for an always elegant appearance. -Pile height: 0.25''. -Available in Burgundy, Brown, Slate Blue, Charcoal, Hunter Green and Gray. -Available in the following sizes:. -2' x 3'. -3' x 4'. -3' x 5'. -3' x 6'. -4' x 6'. -4' x 8'. -3' x 10'.

88% (5)
Striped Entryway
Striped Entryway
The entryway may very well be my most favorite room in the whole house! I'm not really a beige person, but as it's one of the unifying colors of the house, I thought it might make the beige pop a little more as stripes. The rug shown here is not the same that we have now; it was replaced with a Madeline Weinrib runner that I'm also madly in love with. The green buffet was my grandmother's; it was hand-painted by my aunt and cousin in the 1970s. The mirror above was also my grandmother's.
new runners
new runners
i bought a new pair of running/walking shoes this weekend. they aren't as fashionable as my old asics (they were awesome dark grey and lime green), but they were the only pair of grey athletic shoes at Big 5 in my size. also, they were on sale, so score! they don't have to be terribly pretty for $35.

green runner rug
green runner rug
Miami Heat Putting Green Runner 18"x72"
Practice your putting skills with this dual use runner; this realistic putting green runner acts as a putting practice surface as well as a runner with your favorite team's color and logo. Looks good in your game room, office or any room you choose. Includes a secure fit plastic target barrier bumper under the mat that acts as a putting hole. Has a 11 on the Stimp meter; and is made of a Chromojet-printed nylon surface with vinyl backing. Approximant measurements are 18a??x72 and is Officially Licensed.

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