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Carpet Protector Stairs

carpet protector stairs
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carpet protector stairs - Ivory Rug
Ivory Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 12 CTS12I
Ivory Rug Carpet Stair Treads Set Of 12 CTS12I
Take Advantage Of Our Daily Sales On The Hottest Selling Catalog Products. All New, In Original Packages.... Ivory Stonehurst Stair Treads Set of 12 26"L x 8.5" W Stonehurst Stair Treads Set Of 12 - Non-skid Stair Treads Make Steps Safer Without Sacrificing Style. Non-skid Latex Backing Keep Treads In Place And Helps Prevent Slips And Spills. Also Available In Blue & Burgundy Please See Other Auctions Once Your Order Has Shipped A Tracking Number Will Be Emailed To You. We Do Not Ship To Puerto Rico, Alaska, Or Canada. Local Pick Up Is Not Available! We're Confident That You'll Love Our Products.... But If You Are Not Satisfied For Any Reason Feel Free To Contact Customer Service Via Email. Please Note Any Questions/Inquiries Received On Sat & Sun Will Be Answered First Thing Monday Morning. As Customer Service Is Available Monday Thru Friday Between The Hours Of 9-5 pm. As Our Way Of Thanking You, A FREE GIFT Will Be Included With Your Shipment

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HisStory (Sorry, Can't Keep It Going)
HisStory (Sorry, Can't Keep It Going)
Thank you all very much for following the past 39 chapters. Nobody these days really “has the time” to sit down and read, so I appreciate all of you who have followed it. But, I cannot keep it going and will have to quit this project. I’m sorry, but there most likely won’t be any time during the coming months for me to write up a paragraph or so everyday, take a picture, and prepare a little bit for tomorrow’s. Or, well, I should say there most likely will be time, but then the whole project would turn out sloppy, if it were to be rushed. And HisStory needs to be done well, or else it can deliver the wrong message. And that would just stink. Really bad. I apologize for discontinuing it; I should have seen this problem ahead of time before plunging into a project such as this one. I think I shall return to a 365 days project…I didn’t seem to have too much trouble with that last time and it was a lot of fun all in all. Also, if for some reason I had to quit the 365 too, that wouldn’t be so bad because I would not be interrupting an on-going story like this one. Well, I should at least give you a brief (very brief) summary of the story. Of course, you do not have to read it if you do not have the time. That’s perfectly fine. I just wanted to tell you that I will not be continuing HisStory. Very brief summary: Basically, I was trying to tie into this story a history of philosophy, history with a significant beginning and end, Christian apologetics, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, predestination, and the fight against secular science, logic, and reasoning until the very end of the course of history. Here’s basically the whole idea of HisStory: Long ago, but not so very long ago, a child (we’ll call him “Andy”) (By the way, I based his name off of Toy Story, but he is not he Andy in that movie), created the first toys. The child was to be a future toy maker, and so prior to that, he had many ideas to create something that would be called a “toy”. He and his toys lived peacefully together in the Playroom, when one day, his toys decided that they wanted to play their own way. When Andy was away, the toys hid under his bed to go form their new life apart from Andy. When Andy comes home, he sees that his toys are missing (as toys always mysteriously are!). And so the toys escaped one night out of Andy’s house and went to go live in other people’s yards to form a new life with their own ways. As history went on, toys become less popular and were forgotten (the new age of technology). But that was fine with the toys--they didn’t need kids to play with…they would make a better life for themselves…with a new purpose. But apart from Andy, the toys were led astray and things did not go well for them. The toys soon forgot that there even was an Andy, who used to be their protector and provider. Their own reasoning was constantly failing; yet they would not admit it. While every kid wanted an iPod or an Xbox for Christmas, only one kid in the world still cared for his toys--Andy. He desired to bring his toys back to the Playroom…but only some. Some would get to live with him forever in his Playroom with him, while others would spend eternity at the dump, broken and forever forgotten. Soon Amazon boxes began to arrive at Andy’s house. This was how Andy was calling his toys back to him. You see, many kids no longer cared for their toys, so they would just sell them on Andy would go there, find his toys, and order them. He would then be with the toys (not physically) as he would help them battle the dangers of the views of the worldly toys to get back to the Playroom. Then that rainy day in June, Steve, Alberto, and Polly arrived. You know what happens from then on--they know absolutely nothing about an “Andy” and try to live their own way. Steve is convinced however that there is something else beyond the physical world and wants to seek it out. After Chapter 39, he leaves Alberto and Polly in anger and searches out purpose and meaning in life. He encounters many toys--all with different views and philosophies. One day, he goes to Lego Town, meets a girl there and falls in love. Steve is now happy and believes he has found the purpose of life--love. But after the wedding, she is taken away from him by toy soldiers. The toy soldiers are servants working under the evil iguana toy, Zargroff. Zargroff’s main goal was to destroy all hope in some “Andy”. (You see, some toys now believed that there was an Andy.) And as for why he took Steve’s wife…well, his intention was to throw her away in the trash can that showed up on the sidewalk every Tuesday. Steve is now completely lost and has no idea what to do next; all of his hope has now been drained. He has no purpose, and so he picks up his sword and prepares to kill himself. That’s when the voice is heard. “Steve, drop that sword!
Protector de empalmes para exteriores
Protector de empalmes para exteriores
El torpedo GPJ09L5-BR posee cinco entradas y seis bandejas para veinticuatro empalmes cada una. Protector de empalmes para exteriores C3, Cables y Componentes para Comunicaciones, S.L., empresa especializada del Grupo COFITEL, presenta su protector de empalmes opticos (torpedo) para exteriores que cuenta con cinco entradas y seis bandejas para veinticuatro empalmes. De aplicacion en empalmes aereos o enterrados, estos torpedos construidos con material plastico de alta calidad son apropiados para sangrado de cables con alojamiento de tubos, al contar con un puerto oval y cinco cilindricos. Cada kit protector se compone de una cubierta, bandejas para empalme, base, anillo de cierre, elemento de sellado y bandeja de fijacion, asi como diversos accesorios y utiles, como tubos termo-retractiles, bridas de nylon, abrazadera de fijacion, etiqueta de marcado, cinta aislante y protector plastico de fibra. Para responder a todo tipo de requerimientos de aplicacion, los torpedos GPJ09L5-BR tambien ofrecen un buen numero de accesorios opcionales, destacando valvulas de presurizacion, cinta plateada, papel abrasivo, pinza de segregacion y elemento de puesta a tierra. Estos protectores de empalme de cable de fibra optica miden 230 (base) x 450 (altura) mm, pesan unos 4.200 gramos y tienen un rango de temperatura operativa de -40 a +55 °C.

carpet protector stairs
carpet protector stairs
Washable Non-Skid Carpet Stair Treads - Boxer Beige (13) PLUS a Matching 5' Runner
Washable non-skid carpet stair treads by Dean Flooring Company. Helps reduce slips on your hardwood stairs. Great for helping your dog easily navigate your slippery staircase. Polypropylene pile with a machine washable non-skid latex backing (wash on delicate in cold water, line dry). Also easy to spot clean or vacuum. Reduces noise. Reduces wear and tear on your hardwood stairs. Each set contains 13 pieces PLUS a matching 5' runner. Each tread is approximately 25" x 9". Easy DIY installation with double-sided carpet tape (not included). Adds an attractive fresh new look to your staircase.

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