Some Basic Guidelines

First and foremost, RELAX!
There is no perfect meditator.
It is not about achieving some ecstatic state, it's about experiencing and observing in a detached manner, whatever thoughts, feeelings, sounds, and physical sensations which arise during your meditation session.
It's about coming back to your breathing. The ego mind WILL be all over the place, all kinds of thoughts will arise, What will I fix for dinner? I wonder what my sister is doing right now? It feels too warm or too cold in this room. My knee hurts. etc...
It doesn't matter where your "monkey mind" (ego mind) goes or how frequently your thoughts fly around or what emotions arise, just gently recognize it, and come back to the breath.
Some people count breaths, some people say silently to themselves on the in breath "breathing in" and on the out breath "breathing out", others silently repeat a mantra while breathing in and out.  It's the concentration that counts, not what you do to concentrate.
Nor does it help to judge your particular meditation experience as "good or bad", or "successful or unsuccessful"  It is not based on your feelings about the experience. It's just about the sitting!
Frequently, individuals will notice various aches and pains (my back hurts, my knees hurt, my feet are falling asleep, i have a headache, etc.) If a particular posture is painful, slowly and mindfully change it. It's OK to do that!
Other times you may be focusing on all the sounds occurring in your environment (someone just coughed, a fire truck just went buy with it's sirens blearing, someone just got up and left, etc). Just notice these as "sounds" and go back to your breathing.
Some people may prefer to sit in a chair, on a meditation pillow, or even lay down. It's all OK (just try and not fall asleep)
The only thing we do request is awareness of others:  If you arrive late or need to leave early, please do it as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others unnecessarily  If you feel the need to stand up and move around please do that as quietly as possible as well. .Please turn off all cell phones, beepers, or other distracting technology before beginning the sitting session.  
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