How, Where and When We Sit

We hold sitting meditation for an hour. The 1st ten to fifteen minutes is a brief introduction/reminder as to the purpose of our sitting.
We then ring a gong to formally begin the silent sitting period. 
At the end of the hour we once again ring the gong to indicate that the formal sitting period is ended.
We then take a brief period of time to reorient to our present environment.
A period of discussion or sharing of experience follows but is not required.

Please RSVP for the meditation sittings on our Meetup site > . Please join our Meetup so you can see if we are sitting on a specific date.

We hold sitting meditation 
Beginning Nov 23rd , every Sunday of the month at The Insight Center from 11am to noon, 2 Oakway Road, Timonium, MD, 21093.  Website  Facebook Universalus Interspiritual Community and Universalus Insight Meditation Group 
These  sitting meditation periods are non-sectarian and open to individuals from all spiritual paths, or none at all.
At other times we also schedule "Dharma talks" which are periods of teaching and discussion about the path of Insight meditation.