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This is a list of websites related to the building of various Electronic Music kits & systems ranging from Low-Cost Beginners kits to Advanced modular systems.
www.electricwestern.com    Home of the Phantastron tube oscillator kit

   great site for synth kits and pcbs

  Ken Stones site for his great module PCBs


  Great forum for DIY builders lots of really interesting PCBs are sold through this also.

www.ciat-lonbarde.net   Peter Blasser's web site

My list of links has a lot of Euro stuff, but remains woefully incomplete...


On 5/1/2016 5:10 PM, Kylee Kennedy wrote:
Yes, Aaron Eurorack has won this round. 
Just some of the United States stores listed below...

Analogue Haven (Los Angeles, CA)
Big City Music (Los Angeles, CA)
Control (New York, NY)
Control Voltage (Portland, OR)
Detroit Modular (Detroit, MI)
Foxtone Music (Minneapolis, MN)
I/O Music Technology (Oakland, CA)
Kraft Music (Franklin, WI)
Meme Antenna (New York, NY)
Muffwiggler (Portland, OR)
Nerd Audio (Chicago, IL)
Noise Bug (Pomona, CA)
Perfect Circuit Audio (Los Angeles, CA)
Robotspeak (San Francisco, CA)
Rock N Roll Vintage (Chicago, IL)
Switched On (Austin, TX)
Three Wave Music (Hawthorne, NJ)
Vintage King (Nashville, TN, Los Angeles, CA)

The fact that there are brick and mortar stores just for Eurorack around the world now...people are able to experience them and make a buying decision on modules. The amount of manufacturers has brought a lot of competition in price and for me most importantly new audio synthesis ideas. A good amount of these companies offer DIY kits like Synthrotek, SynthCube, and Thonk I believe that spurs on the next generation of manufacturers as time goes on. 

There are monthly concerts in LA, SF, Portland, NYC and more just focused on modular synthesis and 90% of the time the performer is on Eurorack and assorted items. LA's modular scene is very Eurorack focused while I find more variety in San Francisco with Buchla and Serge performers playing out. 

It's great to see crowds of 50 to 60 at the monthly Modular On The Spot in LA an outdoor modular show setup outside next to the river. It's great to see what wild new sounds all these modules are inspiring people to create. Live and in person.


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