We're Baltimore residents that decided to compile information about parking meters, garages, etc.
The Info Page lists various tips for parking around Baltimore, including which meters are in effect at which times, the most cost-efficient parking garages, and free on-street parking.
If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or pictures of parking meters/booths, please send them to baltimoreparking@gmail.com

Send us parking information!

You can Send Us Your Info on our online form. 
Or you can email baltimoreparking@gmail.com -- please make sure that your parking messages include:
  1. Location of parking meter or E-Z parking booth (street, side of street, nearest cross-streets).
  2. Any limitations (e.g., "No Stopping 7am - 9am").
  3. Photo that shows meter, when meter is in effect, time limit on meter, and parking rate.
  4. Example:
    • Parking meter on left side of E. Madison Street between Guilford Ave and N. Calvert Streetexample parking meter photo
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