House Rules

Character Creation

    All PC’s are chosen from the general populace meaning no kinfolk or ghouls etc.  Laws of the Reckoning provides all the rules needed to create your character.  Combat specialist concepts are highly discouraged. Consider building your concept as "normal" as you can as these are who the heralds choose.

  • Build may be awarded for Backgrounds (up to 5) and Supporting Cast (1 per to a max of 10).  

    • What is required for Supporting Cast

      • Name:

      • Relationship to PC:

      • What they do:

      • A brief synopsis of the kind of person they might be.  

  • Example:

    • Gwenda Allen

    • Sister

    • Call Center worker

    • Depressed addict

    • Wants to do right by her daughter

    • Will borrow money from brother for drugs.

  • OR

    • Gwenda Allen is Jake's Sister. She always wanted more out of life, but ended up with a kid and a dead beat husband. To make ends meet, she got a job at a call center for a shipping company, but with Ted not working, she will take as many extra shifts as she can.  She turned to sedatives after her daughter Julia graduated high school to escape the constant berating Ted gives her when she is home.  Sometimes she borrows money from Jake to "pay for Julia's clothes" or some such, but inevitably something comes up and the money disappears.  

  • Either option is totally valid but I encourage you to develop the cast like the second option or the staff will!  What we do not want is for you to detail the guy who gets you your guns, or the doctor that will patch you up on the DL.  These relationships may develop through game play, but it's not the purpose of this exercise.


  • Combat abilities are restricted to level 2 unless the Merit Combat Trained* is purchased at creation.

  • One non combat ability may be purchase to level 4.

  • All other abilities are restricted at creation to level 3

  • One specialization may be purchased at creation.

  • No Supernatural Lore other than Lore:Imbued: may be purchased at creation.  Supernatural Lores must be earned through research and RP. Lore:Imbued is only for characters that have been approved for a PC that was imbued more than 6 months prior to creation.
  • NOTE: Post creation the Merit Combat Trained must be purchased to acquire combat abilities over level 3


  • No more that 3 dots in any Background except Resources.

  • No more than 5 dots total in influence, and none above level 3


    As always, subject to ST discretion.  Only merits/flaws from Laws of the Reckoning will be allowed and as per the writeup in the orange book.

*Merit Combat Trained  (2pt)

At creation you may take a combat ability at level 4 and another at level 3.  To purchase combat abilities over level 3 you must also have this merit. It is also recommended to have this merit if you intend to purchase the background Arsenal at 3 or higher.  This represents the rigorous training you have had that makes you no stranger to a throw down.  Note: points must still be spent on these abilities.


    Hunters get distracted and often suffer mental instability the more they realize the horrid reality they live in and the more dedicated to their mission they become.  Rarely those that already suffer the effects of a derangement may be chosen by the Heralds.  

    Only Hermits may start with more than 1 derangement though they only receive the bonus points for 1.


    Waywards are currently not allowed as starting Creeds.  Bystanders and Hermits will be considered on a case by case basis.


As Conviction is used heavily in Hunter, there are 3 ways to earn conviction.

1st. If a player arrives half hour or more before game on time may have a chance to win a free conviction.  Those that arrive within this window may throw a chop against a storyteller to win.

2nd. Through roleplay, whenever the ST (or Narrator) believes that you are forwarding your creed, you will be rewarded 1 conviction. See an ST for examples of how to gain conviction based on your Creed.

3rd Conviction Gambling. This is a mechanic that is detailed in the book.

NOTE: It is possible to act against your creed. While this could be some fun story for you, the heralds do not reward that kind of deviance. You will only get Conviction from following your Creed’s tenants.

Conviction may be represented by tokens.

Conviction Sight

Conviction Sight is an important tool in the hunter toolbox.  When used, it will let you determine if something is anything other than a Human with no powers, a bystander, or a Hunter as these do not register to the sight.  You can expect to see if a creature is Alive, or if they are Human.  If the answer to both of these is yes and they are supernatural, you will be told that something is off about them.  Finding out what that might mean will require more than the sight.

Trait Maximums:

    This is based on the age of the PC.  They may change dependent on the length of the game. NO PC will be chosen by the heralds under the age of 13.

AgeMax TraitsWill


XP Awards

8 XP a month is the cap as in all OWbN games

Each game will have an award of 3 XP plus another 1XP possible for roleplay. By its nature, Hunter has proven to be very RP intensive.

Bluebooking is possible to a max of 2 xp a month at ST discretion

Travel to a foreign game will grant you 2 XP for attendance plus 1XP for travel no matter how far the game was. RP awards will be considered as well.

Hunters do not spend XP to purchase their main powers: Edges. As such, there is a lot less to spend experience on in this genre. There may be times that bad things will happen, and the ST may permanently remove a dot of something from your sheet, or give you a negative trait, or a flaw. This is all part of the fun of playing a Hunter in a World of Darkness.


Influences are handled a variety of different ways.  There are games that focus on the Narrative approach, others may focus on the mechanics and points on the sheet.  In our game, we use a mix.  The mechanics are very similar to what might be found in Dark Epics, but our focus is on the story.   How are you acquiring influence over the legal system of frederick?.   Are you bribing a judge?   Hosting a weekly poker game with a few senior partners of high profile legal firms? Yes these might equate to grow actions, but it needs to make sense from a story angle too.

Getting into the influence game is intended to be easy,  but higher levels will get harder and harder to build.  You never know what other creatures might be tugging on those strings!



Impact can be used with all ranged weapons. In the case of projectiles that are fired from a weapon, the edge focuses it's powers through the weapon. Each trait of the weapon allows for 1 use before it breaks and becomes useless. There is no chop like with cleave to see if the weapon can keep functioning. The Avenger creed gift can be used to create a ranged weapon for using with this edge.

Edge Retests

Most if not all edges do not have a retest listed for their power.  This means that there is no appropriate ability retest for either the attacker or the defender.


  • Order of Combat: 
    • Some monsters might have the power of "go before you", following that will be all Normal actions, followed by powers that allow others to take more actions (rage or celerity). At the end, any "end of the round" actions such as off-hand actions will occur. 
    • Your initiative is the total number of traits you will be bidding at the time of your challenge (weapons add to traits for this purpose).
  • Communication in Combat:
    • It takes time to pull out a phone and call someone.  This will not be allowed while in combat rounds.  A preset text message may be sent, but will not arrive until after the combat concludes.

Weapons and Equipment

Stats for weapons will be as listed in the Laws of the Reckoning.
Acquiring weapons is not difficult. If your PC has resources and wants a single weapon, you may buy it outright (providing the resources are enough). However, for additional gear and    weapons associated with the hunt, you will need more than money. Influences and the Arsenal background are a great way to make those purchases.

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