Welcome to Baltimore Imbued: The Charmed Hunt

It is a strange time in Frederick Maryland.  Imbued Hunters have become, if not common place, very active in the city.  There are those that have been keeping the hunt, but after a failed attempt at destroying a demon in Baltimore in mid 2013, those that remained had to lick their wounds.  Not long after, the dead decided that they didn't want to stay that way.  Normal people started to join the hunt as more and more heard the call.  Northern High School seemed to be at the center of it all if the number of imbuings was any indicator.  Now, those poor souls that have answered the call are doing all they can to keep the monsters from consuming all of humanity as they know it.

Will you join the hunt or stand aside and let the monsters do as they will?

BI:TCH is an Imbued Hunter chronicle within One World By Night (OWbN).  Our rules are those set in Laws of the Reckoning (the orange book) and most PC's should expect to not have been long term imbued.

We have a suggested donation of $5 and play the second BBN Saturday from 1PM to 6PM every month with occasional Friday night games that play from 7PM to Midnight.  Saturday games are played at the Thunder Hill Neighborhood Center.  Friday games are played at the HST's house and an address can be provided upon request. Check the announcements page for the next game date!

Thunder Hill Neighborhood Center
9205 Log Chain Rd
Columbia, Maryland