The Baltimore Healing Service Ministry Team

The Rev. Canon Martin Eppard is the founding pastor of The Church of the Good Shepherd. He is married and has four Children. Father Eppard is a former Howard County Police Officer and he serves as a Police Chaplain. In addition to his duties in the parish, he is a canon to the bishop and sits on the Bishop's Council. He teaches Theology and Church History at St. Michael's Seminary and taught church history at Mt. de Sales Academy. Father Eppard received the Diploma in Biblical Studies from Elim Bible Institute. He holds a BA degree in Religion and Philosophy from Western Maryland College, an MA degree in Theology from St. Mary's Seminary & University, A Masters of Ministry from Holy Trinity Seminary, and the Doctor of Ministry degree from St. Michael's Seminary. 

Fr. Jim Ball was a musician, photographer and filmmaker for twenty years before coming to conversion in 1992. Having been led to the Lord by a Pentecostal gospel singer, and having grown up with a Catholic father and a Missouri Synod Lutheran mother, he quickly began to explore the different branches of the Christian faith. Finding God in so many different churches, he began attending church at the Assemblies of God on Sunday mornings, Mass at the Grotto of Lourdes in Emmitsburg on Sunday evenings, and then returning home to watch Ben Haden and Charles Stanley preach on TV.  Having such a rich and varied experience, he developed a heart for the unity of the church, and was grieved over the contentions between the different denominations. He also wondered where he would fit as there seemed to be no one church that was Charismatic, Evangelical and Catholic all in one.  The CEC was first brought to his attention when his sister-in-law ran across an article in Christianity Today.  It wasn’t long before Fr. Jim found himself on the praise team at Church of the Good Shepherd under Fr. Martin Eppard.    Fr. Jim served at Church of the Good Shepherd for four years as assistant worship leader, deacon, Rector’s Councilman and Spiritual Director, while attending St. Michael’s Seminary.  In 1998, he was ordained a priest and sent out to plant Holy Apostles CEC in Westminster.  Since then Holy Apostles has grown from 17 people to seventy-nine, is staffed with three priests and one deacon, has many active ministries (see other pages in this site), has completed architectural and site plans for a 240 seat church building, and has created an award-winning feature film, “The Sins of the Fathers”, which is based on the Generational Healing Ministry (See Stone Road Pictures page of this site).  Fr. Jim has been married to his wife Barbara for fifteen years and has a daughter, age ten.