PlayZX is an Android application which lets you select from thousands of Sinclair ZX Spectrum games and play them through the headphone jack to load them onto your Speccy. You can also select your local (on the device) TAP or TZX files, convert them to sound files and play them. This way you can load games for not only the ZX Spectrum micro but also any other retro computer that have a compatible audio jack. 

Note: This is not an emulator, it will not play those games.

The application works with a large database of games (over 10,000 titles!) and is able to search for each game on the web. It does that in the background - you simply select a game you want to "play" and within a few seconds the image should be found, converted to sound and played through the audio output on your device.

For the users of retro computers other than Sinclair ZX Spectrum, this application can use your locally-stored TAP or TZX files, convert them into sound files and play them.

Rating: Everyone


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