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Waking The Dragon, the first book in the Earth-Chai Saga  It Begins Now

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This news just in! The Earth -Chai Saga has been released as of 2/07/2007, and is now available for all of you sci-fi fans at barns and Noble, Books a million,, and several other major outlets!


As of August 1st 2007 The earth-Chai saga is now available, in the English language version, in 53 stores and web locations worldwide!

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'Authors Note'

Book two in the saga is now almost complete.  It took me a little longer because the book itself is a little longer than I first thought it would be. I am now working on chapter 47 of 55 chapters. It should be completed within the next 60 to 90 days. Thank you to all of you who have become fans of my saga.


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  News Flash !!!!!!

 The Earth-Chai Saga, Book One,

Waking The Dragon

Has been Chosen as NBR.Orgs  Best New Book 

Of 2007  

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Hi everyone 

Thank you all for your encouragement and good wishes, they mean a great deal to me.

 I just thought you would like to know that  I am almost finished with the second book in the saga, Whispering Into The Dragons Ear.

I should have it completed by mid November or December of 2008 and be talking with the publisher by the end of that month. Wish me luck. This one took a lot of work too, but it was a lot of fun also. 

  A little about the Books of the Earth-Chai Saga

   Book one of the Earth-Chai saga, Waking The Dragon, is anticipated to be published in mid April or early May of 2007 by Publish America, located in Frederick, Md.

  Book One, Waking The Dragon, begins the story of the near destruction of mankind, and the loss of his home planet as humanity is invaded by a race from another galaxy. It is the beginning of the story of his epic battle to regain his home, and the first six years of that battle. 

  Unknown to those who escape the earth to continue fighting for their home world it is a battle that will last for nearly a thousand years, and the only advantage mankind has in that coming war. That advantage is something fate has handed to mankind, an introduction to an alien being who is already caught up in the coming war!

   In addition, it is the story of one man who refuses to give up, and the alien being who informs him of the danger to his planet, and then forms a symbiotic relationship with him and makes it possible for him to carry on his fight.

   It is also the story of a race of telepathic catlike beings who have been stranded on earth for nearly twenty five thousand years. This race of beings has no love lost for mankind, for they have been treated very badly by him, but because of the protagonist they will become mankind's closest allies.

   Waking The Dragon covers the first six years of the invasion, and the resistance movements formation, and their escape from earth. 

   Book two, Whispering Into The Dragons Ear, which is close to three quarters complete at this writing, covers the next fifty years of this epic struggle by the resistance, now called the Alliance, and how mankind learns to adapt to his entirely new, and often deadly environment. Also, during this time period, the Alliance grows itself rapidly to over twelve unique alien member races that are not members of the galactic Union.

   Book three, Dragons Teeth-Dragons Bones, covers a two hundred fifty year span in this struggle. It also tells of the near collapse of the Alliance, because of political intrigues committed by members of a trans-galactic Union that the resistance is trying to convince of the necessity of joining the fight. Also during this period the Alliance, now grown to twenty member races, continues to fight the Drel advance on its' own, and the fighting is beginning to get very bloody for both sides.

   Book four, The Dragon Rampant, tells of how the Alliance and its' allies fight their nemesis, the Drel, to a standstill. The Alliance has now grown to number over eighty member races, many of them former Union members, who have realized the threat the Drel represent to this galaxy. This action will take mankind and his allies close to five hundred years, and will test them all to near the breaking point.

   Book five, The Dragon Adamant, has a few interesting surprises in it, as do the other four. One of those surprises is the capture and questioning of the 'watchers', and the twist their information puts into the story. It is also the near culmination of the struggle, but not the end of it. I'm considering what book six will do even as I write this.

  Book Six, Untitled as Yet

   The Earth-Chai Saga is also the inter-twined stories of the principal characters, both human and alien, and how they deal with what happens to them, individually and collectively. It is the story of strong people, human and alien, and what the cost can be to hold out hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

   In the near future I will post a link to the first two or three chapters of book one on this site, hoping you will take a look and, if you like what you read, go out and buy my book in the bookstores or on line.

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